Virtual Shopping: Capsule Collections

Discover 20+ mix and match outfits during this digital shopping experience or use this as a blueprint to shop moving forward.

Your digital capsule collection will be curated from different stores (up to five) so you can shop leisurely and build your capsule slowly (use it as a blueprint to shop in stores as well) or buy it all in one fell swoop.

Have a 20+ mix and match outfit capsule collection of your dreams at your fingertips for ease and convenience.  

Eliminate doubt and feel confident that your dream capsule collection has been expertly shopped by a personal wardrobe stylist with over a decade worth of experience.

No guesswork here. Know exactly what to color and size to choose in this private virtual store with in-store messaging. 


Hanna’s made my life so much easier with this shopping! I also love that it gives me guidance on what to purchase as I move forward with building my own collection.  This makes it so easy, thanks Hanna!

Lisa B.

Perfect for you if…

Have been disappointed with Stitch Fix and you want..

  • Pieces that are reflective of YOU and your style, not a 90-year-old grandma living in the burbs
  • Expert real-person shopping but can’t invest in my $1750.00 1:1 in person package
  • To shop when you want on your own timeframe

You want (more than) a shopping blueprint: 

  • If you hate shopping and would like to be introduced to new brands outside the typical big box stores (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy..)
  • You’re unaware of what’s available because you don’t care to shop yet you want to look good and feel comfortable
  • This easy, click-and-shop virtual store will be the easiest shopping of your life saving you 10+ scrolling the web

Have no clue how to start curating your capsule wardrobe and you want..

  • A group of 20 mix and match pieces that will get you the result you want (mom outfits, dating, business casual, Paris trip..)
  • Easier mornings because everything mixes and matches
  • To save time scrolling through page after page of shopping sites, to yet again, buy that same shirt you have in 10 other colors

“This was so much fun! I love coming home to new packages and also finding out about these new brands!”

Lisa B.

Purchase your dream capsule collection in seconds of a scroll with virtual shopping at your fingertips.

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