What is a personal stylist? The step by step guide.

Many people ask what it is I actually “do.”  SO here it is. Step by step guide to how I work.  Next week I will cover film/print stylist and what that actually means.

As a personal stylist I help men and women refine their personal styles, wardrobes and I edit/organize closets and personal shop.  

Step by step it looks like this: (I am using one example of my service, closet audit/edit)

  1. Client reaches out to me and says they want help editing their closet (to decide what really is best for them)
  2. Client receives 5-6 questions about their current style, personality and what they want to reflect
  3. We meet, I see their closet. Take measurements of their body. See their coloring.   I also see their personality, their living space, who they are. What they do. Where is most of their wardrobe spent ( i.e. is it a work wardrobe 75% vs. casual)  Your closets says a lot about you. 
  4. I leave to re-process all the information. After the intake session I determine their body type by the calculations, their coloring (i.e are you a cool and soft? warm? deep?)  and the best plan of action for the closet audit.  If client does not have matching hangers and wants an organized closet I recommend matching hangers.
  5. We set time and date for closet audit/edit.  
  6. Meet.  Go through what works, what does not in their current wardrobe. We make piles a) donate b) alter/repurpose and c) keep d) sell.  
  7. After this process many clients choose to use my personal shopping service to fill in the gaps to purchase pieces that could pull the now edited wardrobe together.
  8. Personal shopping. I literally go shopping to stores I know would be best for you. I bring the clothes to clients house on a rolling rack and client shops the rack. I return what is not kept.  
Many people shop without plans.  You could avoid countless hours of time and money if you knew what to look for and what to avoid.  That’s where I come in. I am an editing machine.  I sift through all the crap to find the really good stuff for you. 

I know brands and stores that you may not know and therefore I shop those stores bringing only pieces that are best for YOU, your body type and COLOR. It’s how I shop.

Clients have a clear sense of their style, what shapes work and what colors work.  If you hate sifting, I am the person to make life easier and bring you what you want.

Next week!  What we do as a wardrobe stylist behind the scenes for an advertisement…

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