What to Wear For Photos

Imagine if you knew exactly what to wear for your photos so you can show up, have fun and avoid hours fretting about what to wear.

Photos can be stressful enough but they don’t have to be.

That’s where I come in. Have your outfits hand picked for you and supplemental shopping if needed. 

I’ve been a stylist for over a decade and worked with companies like Pepsi Co, Mcdonalds, Special K, Kraft, Derick Rose and more.  While I enjoyed the hustle and bustle working on sets, my biggest love is working 1:1 with clients, which I exclusively do now.


From virtual dressing room

To stunning photos. Your outfit needs are covered.

I will sing Hanna’s praises to anyone and everyone who’s ever doing a photo shoot. So worth it to have her take a peek at your closet and your brand colors, then piece together a few outfits (including the transitions between them) that work on camera. What often feels like the most stressful part of a photo shoot was NOT EVEN A THING, thanks to her. Thank you forever, Hanna!

Kristen Herwitz, owner of Herwitz Law


  1.  Discover 4 outfit options at your fingertips for the ultimate getting dressed ease for your photos
  2.  Discover the easiest shopping of your life if you need a few on-brand POP pieces a la a virtual shop with pieces that fully reflect YOUR full story and brand
  3.  2 iterations of your top outfits


In three easy steps, have outfits at your fingertips so you can show up for your photographs confidently.

Let’s schedule a FREE call here. Please let me know if you prefer virtual or a good ol’ fashioned phone call.

Remember, photos are about YOU and the look you want to convey. Here are a few samples of my work so you can see that folks have different styles- which is great!