If you find yourself saying "I have nothing to wear" but you have a stuffed closet..

Over the past fifteen years this is by far one of the most common complaints I’ve heard. 

Yet, your overstuffed closet says differently. 

Here’s the thing: this is part science, time and creativity.  

While you’ve seen your wardrobe for years, I have not.  To me, it’s like shopping a new collection, with fresh eyes, I will put together stylish outfits  using what you already own. 

It's not that you have "nothing to wear" (you have plenty)

..it's that you don't know how to put stylish outfits together. That's where I come in.

Shop Your Closet (at the studio)

  • In-studio styling resulting in 15 + stylish outfit ideas using what you already own

  • Learn Hanna’s signature “How to wear 3+ ways, with YOUR OWN wardrobe

  • Learn how to wear your accessories in a comfortable, fun and supportive environment

  • Discover alterations to help you make the most out of your wardrobe 

  • Access my highly curated secondhand rack for any pieces we feel complete/ enhance your outfits

Fashion and style can feel intimidating if you've never been taught—I'm here to help it feel less scary

Over the past 15 years as a personal stylist I’ve seen a few common threads…

One of the most common?

Women have SO much wardrobe, shoes and accessories. 

Yet, they have “nothing to wear.”

In a super judgmental free zone with kind, mom-like, “you got this!” vibes, I’m here to help you fix that with in-person outfitting and styling.

Put-together, stylish outfits unlocked.

Plus, style tips and tricks you didn’t know were possible. 

Imagine outfits at the ready using what you already own. Yup, it’s possible! 

Stylish Remix: Style Tips to Maximize Your Wardrobe Potential

A unique in-studio outfitting experience with a Chicago personal stylist putting together outfits what your own closet. 

Stylish Outfits From Your Closet


After working with Hanna

It feels silly to get to know myself based on fashion, but I think it translates to much more significant areas.

Because of working with you, I’ve learned what I like on myself. I can identify whether I love something for me or I admire someone else’s look but know it’s not ” me.”

It feels great to have this self-knowledge.

When I say “me,I mean the real me, not who I want to be or admire, but what do I feel comfortable and good in. 

— JF

Meet Hanna

Hi! I'm Hanna—a cliche coffee lover (black in the morning and an iced oat-milk latte in the afternoon), a mom, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, bookworm and wanna-be mermaid. 

I’ve been a personal stylist for over a decade and have worked on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements with many Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, Pepsi-Co, Special K and more.

But I like to think I both inherited the style gene naturally and was a lifelong learner watching my Grandma Jean—my style icon. She’s also one of the many reasons I fell in love with second hand fashion (I inherited her Chanel, Gucci, YSL and more which look like they could walk off a runway today).

Hint: second hand is one of my favorite ways to have quality, luxury brands at an affordable price. Good for our wallets and the environment = win win. 




Stylish Outfits From Your Closet

Let's outfit

How do I wear this?

During the in-person 60 minute studio session we’ll tackle your “I have nothing to wear”  problem. 

Guaranteed “I would’ve never thought of that!” outfit ideas. 

I suggest bringing the following to our session: 

  • 3-5 Layers
  • 3-5 tops
  • 3-5 bottoms
  • 3-5 dresses
  • 3-5 shoes 
  • Any accessories


Please keep your items hanging as much as possible. This allows us to move in an efficient manner and not wasting time hanging garments (so we can outfit more!)  

Plus, it’s easier to put them right back in your closet!

Get it done

Alterations taken care of

With Hanna’s expert stylist eyes and professional tailor Jenn’s (from Sew and Tell) seamstress skills, you will finally tackle the “to-alter” items that you’ve been hauling around for weeks (dare I say months?) 

Or learn how to make the most out of your garments (shortening sleeve, making pants a crop, taking off sleeves, etc). 

Jenn will take your body measurements (these come in super handy for online shopping) in particular.

Lastly, Jenn will take your pieces and ship them back to you once she’s worked her magic. 

Make it a party (if you want)

Bring up to three friends

Whether you simply want them to cheer you on (perfect for an intimate bachelorette party, celebration, birthday or “just because..”) or everyone brings their own pieces to outfit (45 dedicated minutes to each person) and then Jenn will come at the end of the session. 

*Please note: cost will be per person. 

More people? Let’s chat options. 

Plus! You also get

Shop my highly curated secondhand rack

You've never seen secondhand like this

“How much?” You’ll find yourself repeating this often.

If shopping secondhand sounds overwhelming to you and you can’t (yet) afford my capsule services, this is the ULTIMATE sneak peek where the magic happens! 

Maybe it’s a layer that changes an entire look or a scarf.  

You will be blown away with these finds. I promise. 

Join me:

In-person at the studio

$550.00 USD

Questions? Here are answers...

You likely have more than you need, I promise! But if you have less than 10 pieces of clothing to bring, then you should consider my capsule collection service here. 

If you want to upgrade, I do offer options for fill-in-the-gap shopping (currently online only). 

And, with that said, I’ll have my curated racks of secondhand clothing nearby, so we if we see something that fits and you like?

Shop away! 

You’ll be with me close to 45 minutes outfitting and trying things on. 

Jenn will come at the end to tackle your “To-alter” pile. 

Trends are fun! And, they’re not super sustainable for many reasons but fast fashion is in the BUSINESS of wanting you to shop.  I’d love for you to ditch that.  Not only is it wasting money (if you fast fashion shop it means you’re likely purchasing clothing every few months and discarding your previous trend) but it’s seriously harming the environment.

Fast fashion’s #1 fabric? Polyester uses up 70 MILLION barrels of oil each year and takes 200 YEARS to break down in a landfill (source: Forbes, 2015).

 Additionally, you can find trendy items by shopping secondhand.

Absolutely, shoot me an email and we’ll get you set up with a gift card.

Enhance your style now. Flatter your figure. And so much more.

In-person and your virtual closet


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