Ready to uplevel your wardrobe so you can look put together easily?

If you have zero shopping interest and limited time but need a group of mix-and-match clothing that works for you, this is the most convenient and painless shopping of your life.

In just two hours, discover up to 20 mix-and-match outfits. Keep only what you love and Hanna returns the rest.

No guesswork required.


The HLS Signature Capsule System

For professional women who want a capsule wardrobe so they can look put together easily for work and life (without wasting hours of time shopping and returning).

I’ll show you exactly how to wear your wardrobe multiple ways so there is no guesswork required.

Client LOVE...

Including 45+ 5-star reviews on Yelp:

“Hanna not only understood my style, but was able to pick out the correct size and fit of so many amazing outfits after just one meeting!  Not only would I recommend Hanna for her wonderful styling ability, but also for her fun personality!  She’s the best.”

—Veronica Holtz

“Hanna is outstanding! I contacted her when I needed to update my wardrobe for work. She has great ideas, and knew how to make my wardrobe look instantly hip and modern with a few key pieces. Hanna is fun, kind and gracious…I really enjoyed working with her.

—Jane Brokis

“Hanna is amazing!  I contacted Hanna to help my college age daughter put together interview and work outfits.  It was a tough job because my daughter is in a field that is mostly men, wants to still look youthful, professional, has to be able to move around, and the clothes to be easy care.  Hanna took her time to listen to her requests, really get to know my daughter’s style, and worked with the parameters and budget.  From the shoes up to the jewelry and even alterations — we were so impressed.

— Nancy Stevens

Right now, you’re desperate to have a closet full of clothes and wardrobe that you love and wear.

Something in your life has changed and you need to uplevel your wardrobe to reflect your goals.

You’re overwhelmed with where to start.

Your style is way too good for Stitch Fix and other boxes with ill-fitting and poor quality clothing.  

You’re struggling to put together comfortable, stylish outfits.  

Your strategy isn’t working and something needs to give.  

Curating a women’s capsule collection takes WORK and trying to figure it out alone will leave you feeling drained, depleted and depressed. 

There’s an easier way to look put together quickly in a way that ACTUALLY feels good…

I’ve developed a signature system that allows you to show up for a two hour fitting, in one convenient location, and try on up to 5 stores’ worth of merchandise so you can have the ultimate mix-and-match wardrobe.

If you want to save time, I am the personal shopper stylist for you to help you look put together quickly and easily for work and life. 

Stitch Fix and in-store shoppers are looking to sell inventory from their back room.  They’re not acknowledging your multifaceted life.

The HLS Signature Capsule System is a two hour fitting that allows you to try on up to five stores’ worth of merchandise at one convenient location for the easiest shopping experience of your life.

After this experience you will have a closet full of clothes you love and wear with different outfit combinations at the ready.  

Walk away with a dream wardrobe that mixes and matches after a two hour fitting.

20 outfits via app with stylish, put together outfits for no guesswork required dressing. 

Your dream wardrobe is available, you just haven’t found it yet. 

The HLS Signature Capsule System is a highly curated collection of mix and match wardrobe so you can look put together quickly and spend your time where it matters. 

Even if you have a small clothing budget…

Even if you’re not at your desired weight…

Even if you don’t care about style…

Even if you hate shopping… 


...and it’s all done for you.

Not local? I ship.

A wardrobe you will wear & love for 5+ years

Investment (services) $2,500.00

The most painless shopping of your life. Discover up to 20 mix and match outfits during this two-hour session. Everything’s been customized to fit your needs, wants and sizes.

“...my items from Hanna always become favorites...”

“It was so fun to shop the items Hanna had preselected for me. I’ve also reached out for help with jewelry suggestions & I’m amazed at how much research she puts into her responses.  Hanna will occasionally send me shopping links like a few weeks ago when I got an email for sandals I didn’t know I needed.  (They are perfect.)

I’ve used other services like stitch fix and noticed whenever I clean my closet those items are the first to go whereas my items from Hanna always become favorites: my favorite jeans, boots, black dress, earrings, plaid winter coat.  Thanks Hanna!”

—Kathy C.

I'm Hanna...

Hi! I'm Hanna—owner of Hanna Lee Style. A sensitive, introvert-meets-extrovert that could spend hours reading or chatting about the meaning of life. A cliched coffee lover, mom, entrepreneur and life-long learner.

I’ve been a personal stylist for over a decade and have worked on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements with many Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, Pepsi-Co, Special K and more.

But I like to think I both inherited the style gene naturally and was a lifelong learner watching my Grandma Jean—my style icon. She’s also one of the many reasons I fell in love with second hand fashion (I inherited her Chanel, Gucci, YSL and more which look like they could walk off a runway today).

Hint: second hand is one of my favorite ways to have quality, unique, luxury brands at an affordable price. Good for our wallets and the environment = win win. 




What's Included with Your Session:

A wardrobe you will wear & love for 5+ years

Investment (services) $2,500.00
Watch video to learn more about my Signature Capsule System:

The most painless shopping of your life. Discover up to 20 mix and match outfits during this two-hour session. Everything’s been customized to fit your needs, wants and sizes.

More Client LOVE...

“I’m 1.5 weeks back at work after maternity leave and have used my outfits almost every day. It truly has made getting ready in the AM effortless!”

—Virginia T.

“I was relieved to find out that Hanna would be taking me to a store where my money could go further. She made it very easy and enjoyable.”

—Nicole M.

“The fitting was easy, convenient, and honestly fun. Hanna is very kind and easy to be around, so it was like shopping with a friend who gave honest and expert opinions.”

I was preparing to go back to work after pandemic-related work-from-home and feeling super…blah whenever I opened my closet. I found Hanna online and reached out not really knowing what to expect or how to explain what I was looking for- work appropriate clothes? that also felt interesting? and flattering? and that I could afford? I felt a bit out of my depth as someone who doesn’t shop much.

On our first zoom call I immediately felt like Hanna got what I was trying to say. She was easy to talk to and candid about prioritizing versatility and sustainability.

The fitting was easy, convenient, and honestly fun. Hanna is very kind and easy to be around, so it was like shopping with a friend who gave honest and expert opinions. She’d also somehow managed to pick out clothes (different sizes in different brands) that fit really well. She didn’t pressure me to buy anything and in fact was very budget conscious and helped me reconsider a cute top that I wouldn’t have gotten lot of use out of. When we had a final set of clothes and shoes picked out, she “inventoried” each piece, thinking about how it would go with other pieces and some things I already owned. At the end she photographed everything so she could put together outfit suggestions.” 

In addition to getting a beautiful capsule wardrobe I feel like learned a lot from working with Hanna in terms of thinking of my closet as a cohesive set of pieces that work together rather than a rag-tag collection of things that I liked when I saw them in a store. Her service is an investment but I’m confident this lesson alone will save me money in the long run.”

—Monica Rosenberg 

“It was such a painless process to look good. Thank you so much.”

—Lynette R.

“You are the bomb! Many thanks for a fun filled painless day!”

—Martine G.

Frequently Asked Questions

3-6 weeks. Weekends are much busier than weekdays so if you’re available during the week, I can usually schedule to see you within two weeks from the time you purchase.

After a decade and working with hundreds of clients, I can tell a lot about your style from the way you speak, your style questionnaire,current brands/stores you wear and love, your home and of course, your closet.

You’ll also send me images of outfits you like for inspiration.  These images don’t have to be fancy, screenshots, Pinterest boards or even magazine photos.  Visually this helps me see where you want to go. 

Lastly, you’ll see a visual sneak peek to make sure I’m on the right path.

We’ll chat on the phone to see the best fit for the recipient. I don’t recommend this for folks as a surprise because it often occurs as people trying to “fix” them verus “help” them. 

However, if your partner or spouse has mentioned hiring a stylist, go for it! They’ll receive a beautiful box and gift certificate.

Sit back and relax. I swear this is painless and fun! I’m not throwing any clothing at you-I am here to take care of you, be your cheerleader, help enhance your existing wardrobe, create new outfits so you have wardrobe you love.

See my Yelp reviews for evidence (wink).

Budgets vary but I recommend a minimum budget of $2,000.00 if you plan on purchasing a 20 outfit collection that mixes and matches. Clients spend, on average $5,500.00 on their capsule collections including shoes, wardrobe and accessories. 

Expect to walk away with 20 head-to-toe mix and match outfits.

You show up to a rack-full of clothing, shoes and accessories that have been specifically chosen for YOU and you try on the wardrobe for 90 minutes. 

At the end, I organize the room and make sure we’re on budget and our final keeps.

You take ONLY what you love. I return the rest. 

Two options: you’ll receive a follow up online shop (just as I hand picked for your in-person fitting) these selections are hand-picked, albeit online along with a refund of  $1200.00. Or, a full refund with no additional shopping.

Don’t waste any more time (or money) on “it’s fine” clothing, now is the time to uplevel your wardrobe so you can feel confident, look stylish and feel put together daily. You will have this wardrobe for 5+ years.

16 (non-legging) stylish-but-comfortable outfit ideas you can copy now!


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