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Hi, I'm Hanna...

...owner of Hanna Lee Style, a cliche coffee lover (black in the morning and an iced oat-milk latte in the afternoon), a mom, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, bookworm and wanna-be mermaid. 

You too? Good, I appreciate working with fellow bookworms and coffee enthusiasts. 

My greatest joy (other than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee) is helping moms discover their style and look put together easily without wasting a ton of time and energy. 

I’ve been a personal stylist for over a decade and have worked on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements with many Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, Pepsi-Co, Special K and more, but I like to think I both inherited the style gene naturally and was a lifelong learner watching my Grandma Jean, my style icon.

She also inspired my love for second-hand clothing which has become an integral part of my personal shopping collections

Great for our planet and wallets = win win.  

Now, I exclusively teach inside of my signature program Stylist in Your Back Pocket.

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Client LOVE...

“I’m 1.5 weeks back at work after maternity leave and have used my outfits almost every day. It truly has made getting ready in the AM effortless!”

—Virginia T.

“I was relieved to find out that Hanna would be taking me to a store where my money could go further. She made it very easy and enjoyable.”

—Nicole M.

“Hanna is amazing!  I contacted Hanna to help my college age daughter put together interview and work outfits.  It was a tough job because my daughter is in a field that is mostly men, wants to still look youthful, professional, has to be able to move around, and the clothes to be easy care.  Hanna took her time to listen to her requests, really get to know my daughter’s style, and worked with the parameters and budget.  From the shoes up to the jewelry and even alterations — we were so impressed.

— Nancy Stevens

“It was such a painless process to look good. Thank you so much.”

—Lynette R.

“You are the bomb! Many thanks for a fun filled painless day!”

—Martine G.

In my early 30’s I looked around our house and realized that 80% of our home pieces were inherited.

And while they were fabulous, well-made pieces, they weren’t my style. 

Morally I had a dilemma and thought things like..

..but it’s really well made. Will I be able to find something like this?

…it’s so expensive. Will I be able to afford something else as high of quality?

…does it matter? It’s a console table, who cares? 

Yet, I do care. I like pretty things. (And I have expensive taste! Which is why my love for second hand continues..)   You can totally judge me. Heck, I judge myself for this occasionally but I love beautiful things. What can I say? 

Coupled with us spending more time than ever in our homes (we were, afterall, in a pandemic people!)  

I realized I wasn’t applying my style principles to my home. Somewhere that I LIVE, daily and see all the time. Many of our pieces were not to my taste. 

So, I did what I teach inside of Stylist in Your Back Pocket...I took the time to find out my likes, spent time looking and processing. Hi self-discovery!

Asking questions like, 

…Who do I want to be in this home?  

 …What can I DIY if I like the very-out–of-my-price-range piece?  

Took things slowly. 

Room by room. 

DIY’d what I could to be as sustainable as possible.  For example, having furniture painted = game changer (thanks to my parents for this lesson!)

Even something as simple as changing the knobs on a dresser can completely transform a piece. Just like changing buttons on a coat. 

Small changes that make a HUGE impact in our daily lives and mood. 

You’re in the right place if you want to find your personal style, learn how to put together stylish outfits and shop smarter so you don’t keep buying the same shirt over and over. 

All in a judgment-free, fun, convenient and supportive environment,


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