Capsule clothing collections at your fingertips.

You describe yourself as fun, warm, loyal and driven.

You’re a professional woman that wants to look put together effortlessly so you can spend your time where it matters most.  You want to look stylish, and comfortable- I’m Hanna and I help you have a capsule collection of go-to outfits at your fingertips.

How did I get into this crazy career?  After a lifetime of studying my grandma, working as an apparel representative styling (albeit inanimate) mannequins, working as on-set TV stylist and attending fashion school- a dream was born.

My grandma was my fashion icon and it’s probably why I have a love for the classics. If you want a trendy stylist, I’m not your gal.

If you‘re looking for an honest stylist that doesn’t pressure you to buy, you’ve come to the right place.

My fashion credentials

I went to college for fashion and styling, was an apparel rep and worked as a stylist on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements. All.the.wardrobe.things.

Ultimately- I think it was studying my grandmother- my fashion icon.  While I didn’t inherit her height (bummer!) I did inherit her put-togetherness, confidence and humor.

I’ve also been fortunate to experience 20+ years in the personal development world. (My parents were quite ahead of the curve). 

Sustainable Style & Small Business

Whether it’s shopping your own closet, secondhand luxury finds (my favorite when possible!) or working with brands doing good in the world, I try my best to shop sustainably and with small businesses as often as I can.



A focus on versatility so you can get dressed quickly and effortlessly and known for my “wear it three ways,” I’ll help you get more use out of your new and existing wardrobe.

image of organized clothing

Foster Inclusivity

I believe in catering to and pampering every person, no matter your size, age, gender, background, body type, etc. HLS serves to make everyone feel like the truest and most honest version of themselves.


I give direct and honest feedback. I believe in no pressure buying and will only recommend wardrobe, accessories and shoes that meet our goals.


With a focus on sustainability and quantity over quality, I believe your wardrobe can last you years and beyond. And it’s why I have a love for the classics- I am still wearing my grandmother’s pieces!