Getting dressed should be painless and easy so you can spend time where it matters most.

I’m Hanna.  I make getting dressed as easy and painless as possible.

I’ll help you look put together with capsule collections, functional fashion and head-to-toe outfits.

How did I get into this crazy career?  After a lifetime of studying my grandma, working as an apparel representative styling (albeit inanimate) mannequins and attending fashion school- a dream was born.

When asked if I could do anything?

“I’d be paid to shop.”

Hanna Lee Style was born.

(It wasn’t all wine-and-cheese fun and easy. As you can imagine starting a business in 2008, let alone about shopping? Not the best timing.)

But with passion and perseverance, here I am, over a decade later.  Getting paid to do what I love (shop) for other people making their lives easier so they get to spend time where it matters most.

My dream has come true to spend time with incredibly intelligent, kind and successful women.


I went to college for fashion and styling.   I was also an apparel rep for over seven years, worked as a stylist on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements for over six years and I like to think I came by personal wardrobe styling naturally.

Ultimately- I think it was studying my grandmother- my fashion icon.  While I didn’t inherit her height (bummer!) I did inherit her put-togetherness, confidence and humor.

I’ve also been fortunate to experience 20+ years in the personal development world; both coaching and experiencing life coaching.