I’m Hanna, a personal stylist that helps women look put together quickly so they can spend their time where it matters most. 

You describe yourself as fun, warm, loyal and driven.

You’re in a new phase or life circumstance and enjoy fashion yet you don’t have the time (or desire) to think about it– that’s where I come in. I take the guesswork out of looking put together. My method? Capsule collections and head-to-toe outfits done for you.

How did I get into this crazy career?  After a lifetime of studying my grandma, working as an apparel representative styling (albeit inanimate) mannequins, working as on-set TV stylist and attending fashion school- a dream was born. I’ve now been a stylist for over a decade.

My grandma was my fashion icon and it’s why I have a love for the classics. If you want a trendy stylist, I’m not your gal.

My fashion credentials

I went to college for fashion and styling, was an apparel rep and worked as a stylist on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements. All.the.wardrobe.things.

Ultimately- I think it was studying my grandmother- my fashion icon.  While I didn’t inherit her height (bummer!) I did inherit her put-togetherness, confidence and humor.

I’ve also been fortunate to experience 20+ years in the personal development world. (My parents were quite ahead of the curve). 

Sustainable Style & Small Business

Whether it’s shopping your own closet, secondhand luxury finds (my favorite source strategy) or working with brands doing good in the world, I shop sustainably and small businesses as often as I can.