How to Fake Spring (Outfit) Thoughts

Wear floral of course!

  Vest, Hanna Lee Style, 

Spring, are you there?

I truly believe wardrobe can change our thoughts (for the better!) so if you’re stuck in a wintry wonderland dreaming of spring, fake it till you make it (til’ spring that is!)

Wear your favorite floral and shine bright. 

Fake Spring Outfit Thoughts, Hanna Lee Style,
Fake Spring Outfit Thoughts, Hanna Lee Style,

You can easily swap this denim for a skinny ankle pant or trouser to move it from casual-to-work appropriate.  But these, with denim, would be great casual denim-Friday looks.

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The #1 Secret to Finding Denim That Fits

The stylist secret to finding denim that fits!

Got it From my Grandma, Hanna Lee Style,

If you’re like myself or many of my clients, finding denim that fits can simply be, downright frustrating.

Here’s the #1 secret to always finding that fits…SIZE UP!

Yes, it’s that simple (well, kind of.) 

Fit your hips and thighs first and your waist second.  More often than not, this means you’ll take your denim to a tailor so they can take in an inch or two to fit your waist.  But most importantly, always fit your hips and thighs first.

I hope this very easy but simple trick helps you in finding your new favorite denim,

Bright Sweaters to Beat Grey Winters Sizes 0-18

Bright sweaters to lift your (winter) spirits!

If your in the Midwest and experiencing the cold-brr!  This is always the time most when I know we all crave those warm-weathered feelings. Here’s to to give yourself the energy boost if you can’t make it to sunny weather.  I promise, every time I wear this bright yellow vest, I FEEL so joyous! Seriously.

You can absolutely feel energized by your wardrobe. Pop one of these bright colorful sweaters on with a dark denim or a great trouser and voila, instant energy!

Shop bright sizes 0-20 here!

3 Ways to Wear Pattern Shirt (heart blouse)

Three casual but cute Valentine‘s or Galentine’s Outfit ideas

If you’re not celebrating in your favorite red dress this Valentine’s Day and you’re looking for a few casual options (maybe going out with girlfriends?) or day-after-Valentine’s like my husband and I usually do, here are three outfits to wear your heart on your sleeve (wink).

Plus- Tips how to wear your pattern blouses!

p.s-these are also really fun, easy casual outfits that work for weekends as well!

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day (or not) I am sending you love,

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift Everyone Will Love!



If you need a no-fail Valentine’s gift that will fit everyone hop over to Alex & Grey and buy this red scarf (or purple or teal..) and then add this book to a beautiful box and add a love note.

Order this for your favorite friend to make her day brighter, forward this to your spouse or gift yourself- you will be delighted to support two small businesses and I can guarantee you’ll love both purchases!

1. Order the red scarf here or this purple(a universally flattering color for all skin tones)

2. Order the book, 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf, here.

Or..if you never want to think about gifting again, check this out (ahem, or forward it to your spouse..)  This is the best gifting solution ever, three times a year, receive a highly curated digital store.

Whether you celebrate this made-up holiday or not, tell someone you love them today!


3 Ways to Wear: Plaid Shirt (plus a layering trick to know!)

This is a fab “3 Ways to Wear” same plaid shirt & blouse. All great weekend outfits that are stylish, cozy and still put together.  I’m sure you have these pieces in your wardrobe and if not, use the outfit formula to achieve the same look.

P.S-if you want to see more or all of my “3 Ways to Wear, I do them often on my Instagram if you’re not watching over there yet @hannaleestyle!)

Happy weekend everyone! (be sure to watch the last video..everyone tells me it’s their favorite layering trick).

7 Style Hacks Anyone Can do to look put together (before & afters..)

7 Style Hacks Anyone Can do to Achieve Looking Stylish and Put-Together!


Drab to fab..

As a personal stylist, I’m always looking at opportunities to reimagine your wardrobe! Whether it’s suggesting to wear that favorite dress as a vest, changing the buttons, cutting sleeves off of a blazer or wearing that “fancy” jacket with a denim, a goal is that we get more use out of your existing wardrobe. Here are quick tips anyone can do!

1. Change your buttons

2. Turn your blazer into a vest

Got it From my Grandma, Hanna Lee Style,
Got it From my Grandma, Hanna Lee Style,

3. Half tuck your shirt and add a necklace

Quick Style Tips, Hanna Lee Style,
Quick Style Tips, Hanna Lee Style,

4. Add a belt

Stylish in Seconds, Hanna Lee Style,

5. Knot the side of a tank to make it shorter

6. Knot your tunic to make it look completely different (and elongate your legs)

Tie Your Tunic to Fake Waist, Hanna Lee Style,
Tie Your Tunic to Fake Waist, Hanna Lee Style,

7. Change your shoe to skin-tone to elongate your legs!

#1ShoeWeartoWeddings, Hanna Lee Style,

By avoiding black heels and wearing skin-toned, my legs look so much longer! You can do this too!

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3 Ways to Wear Your Poncho (Video!)

Three ways to wear your poncho..

Brrr it’s cold!  As a personal stylist that really helps women look stylish and also remain functional, this is a favorite easy look of mine. Don’t think you have to sacrifice style for comfort. I promise you can have both!

See the other two ways to wear your poncho on Instagram @Hannaleestyle (plus more “3 Ways to Wear”)! Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm!

Smart Purchase Alert

3 Ways to Wear: SAMIMAY shawl vest

As I keep going into my closet to edit and edit some more (thank you Konmari craze for the reminder..)  I was so excited to re-love this shawl cape.

I love sharing when a purchase has been both valuable to myself and clients.

This has been a fan favorite so I wanted to share this SAMIMAY shawl cape.  If you don’t own one- it’s an absolutely brilliant purchase and you won’t regret it.  Whether you use it for travel or an every day layer-your closet will thank you.

Do you own a SAMIMAY shawl cape? If so, how do YOU wear it? Would love to hear below!

What to Wear During Snowy Weekends

Three winter outfits to look stylish and stay warm.

The snow has arrived!

If you don’t have these pieces in your wardrobe, I’ve picked out a few favorites and you can shop them at the end of this post and some are on sale right now.  (Or call/e-mail me,, to curate your very own collection!)

My top three outfit combinations to stay stylish in the snow or cold:

Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,

Shop a cozy winter wardrobe collection here.

Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,