How to wear white denim in the fall

This is an easy outfit to wear white denim this fall!  Pair your favorite white denim with a simple blouse (like this black sleeveless option) and finish it with a fall jacket.


I love to add a fun shoe like a metallic loafer-pump to complete the overall look. 

This “shirt” is actually a dress! Yes, we’re all about versatility to get the most use out of our “old” clothing. 

There a quite a few fall trends that never go out of style so you can always incorporate those into your how to wear white denim in the fall looks.  

Here are a few “trends” that never go out of style (albeit they’ll simple change a smidge)

  • velvet
  • floral
  • plaids
  • vests
  • leather

Wearing the same vest as above, I’ve paired it with a hat and a sheer mock-neck shirt.  Brining in the black color from the hat, I’ve brought in a black necklace. 

You could complete the look with a black bootie, platform sneaker or metallic number. The shoe options are endless.  

p.s– shoes are always a hot topic and one that we discuss in detail inside of Stylist in Your Back Pocket. 

PSS- if you want to know my favorite comfy-but-stylish shoes, definitely check out this blog here. 

This denim “scarf” was once a throw blanket from a flea market and I cut it into thirds so it could be a scarf.  

(If you love ideas like this and want to learn super stylish sustainable secrets, definitely check out Stylist in Your Back Pocket) as I have an entire masterclass and workbook dedicated to repurposing. Aka how to make your old clothing feel new again. 

It’s a favorite of mine because it goes with everything. AKA major versatility factor folks.  

This plaid blazer was also a favorite secondhand find (as was the metallic shirt underneath). 

Again, plaid is always in style, every fall so it’s an obvious and stylish choice when it comes how to outfit white denim in the fall.

White the colors of plaid may change but we don’t follow trends, we follow what makes us FEEL good and like ourselves. 

In hindsight, I don’t love this tuck…

And THAT is the beauty of style my friends. We experiment! 

I like the leather and stripe pairing with the white denim but overall the tuck feels lazy, perhaps a brown belt would’ve completed the overall look for me. 

Here’s another dud.  It’s overall too boxy for me. However, I like the concept (vest under blazer) but because they’re almost identical lengths it doesn’t work for me.  

(Again, this is the beauty of style!) Experimenting is key when it comes to outfitting, aka it’s not always going to work 🙂 

These are all looks for white denim outfits in the early fall before it becomes quite chilly…

…I’ll bring out my sweaters soon and do another white denim in the fall post (part deux).  Hang tight!



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