Mix and Match Patterns for Stylish Outfits

As a Chicago personal shopper and wardrobe stylist, exploring and creating stylish outfits is a fun way to help folks express themselves. 

Whether it’s creating stylish outfits with pattern play, color or texture, there are so many ways to create stylish outfits. 

Here are beginner friendly ways to mix and match patterns in women’s fashion to create stylish outfits! 

Which will you give a try?

1. Stick to color palette. Choose a color palette that includes a few complementary or coordinating colors.

This will help create a cohesive look, even when using different patterns.

Here are a few more color tips to explore: 

  • Monochromatic: Use different shades and tints of a single color for a minimalist and elegant look.

  • Complementary Colors: Colors opposite each other on the color wheel (e.g., red and green, blue and orange) create strong contrast and can make each other pop.

  • Analogous Colors: Colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel (e.g., blue, green, and teal) create a harmonious and calming effect.

  • Triadic Colors: Three colors evenly spaced around the color wheel (e.g., red, yellow, and blue) create a balanced and dynamic palette.

2. Scale: Pair a large-scale pattern with a small-scale or medium-scale pattern. (e.g pair a large floral print with small polka dots).

3. Mix Textures: Combining different textures alongside patterns can add depth and interest. (e.g wool pants combined with a silk top)

The crescent moons are outlined in blue so the blue stripe patterns pulls this in.

Accessories (like this scarf) are an easy way to start your pattern mixing journey! 

Want support?  I can do this for you using your own wardrobe with an in-home styling session.  Let’s chat. 


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