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3 Ways to Wear: SAMIMAY shawl vest

As I keep going into my closet to edit and edit some more (thank you Konmari craze for the reminder..)  I was so excited to re-love this shawl cape.

I love sharing when a purchase has been both valuable to myself and clients.

This has been a fan favorite so I wanted to share this SAMIMAY shawl cape.  If you don’t own one- it’s an absolutely brilliant purchase and you won’t regret it.  Whether you use it for travel or an every day layer-your closet will thank you.

Do you own a SAMIMAY shawl cape? If so, how do YOU wear it? Would love to hear below!

What to Wear During Snowy Weekends

Three winter outfits to look stylish and stay warm.

The snow has arrived!

If you don’t have these pieces in your wardrobe, I’ve picked out a few favorites and you can shop them at the end of this post and some are on sale right now.  (Or call/e-mail me,, to curate your very own collection!)

My top three outfit combinations to stay stylish in the snow or cold:

Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,
Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,

Shop a cozy winter wardrobe collection here.

Cozy Winter Collection, Hanna Lee Style,

3 Wardrobe Audit Pitfalls & How to Conquer them

If you’re like the rest of the world and you’ve binge-watched Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix and you’re stumped when it comes to common audit questions like “what if I lose weight?”..I’ve got you covered.

1. My grandma gave it to me…

One of my favorite quotes I think of often from professional organizer Peter Walsh, “That sweater is not your mother.”

He, of course, means if you let that sweater go that your mom gave you- you’re not letting her go.

If you’ve been a loyal reader of mine (thanks by the way!) you’d know that I inherited many pieces from my grandma.

It’s been both challenging and freeing letting go of her pieces (I’m so over having racks of clothing and let’s be honest- I don’t have the budget for that many alterations. (wink).

I’ve paired it down to one wardrobe rack of beauty and delight.  Many of these, I will not have altered to fit me and I’ve saved for photo shoots and simply-beauty! I will let them go when needed.

Here’s an example below; I wore for my baby shower and was SO glad I held onto it despite it definitely not fitting at all when I wasn’t pregnant.

2. But I may lose weight…

Are you though? While this may sound harsh, be realistic.  If you’re 5-7 lbs away from those “maybe I’ll fit pieces”, go ahead and keep them.

Anything over 10 lbs and you haven’t actively lost the weight- let them go. Seriously.  Why keep the reminder of things that aren’t making you feel GREAT? Let. them. Go.

3. But, I had a baby…

Congrats!  Your body may be different or your body may be the same after your baby. This is so personal and unique to you.  Give yourself up to a year to get your pre-baby figure back.

If a year sounds not long enough, I’m going to leave this one up to you (wink). 

But really.  If you’re someone that works out and is super committed-go you!

If not-go you!  You know yourself well- honor that inner voice saying “No way..” or “Yeah way”

If you’re working on building a beautiful mix-and-match wardrobe capsule collection; here are the ultimate seven questions to ask yourself when wondering if you should toss or keep.

7QuestionstoKeeporToss, Hanna Lee Style,

7 Simple Easy Questions to Ask Yourself When Struggling to Toss or Keep

1.  Does it fit? (If you find fit confusing..head over here. Before & Afters included!)
2.  Does it mix and match with my existing wardrobe?
3.  Do I feel comfortable in it (if you keep *trying* to  make a piece work- ditch it! It’s a sign it’s uncomfortable)
4. Would I buy this right now if I were out shopping?
5.  Is it damaged? (and worth the repair if so?)
6. Is it reflective of me?  My personality?
7. Do I love it? (*See my note below).


Sarah’s Circle is a non-profit organization with a mission of serving women who are homeless or in need of a safe space.

Toiletry items, clothing and miscellaneous items needed. Please see a further list here of items needed.

*Clothing sizes XL-3X are especially needed.


North Shore Exchange is a breeze to consign with (and shop! They have fabulous pieces.) 100% of their profits are donated to charity.

Check out more information here.

Donate Your Bras

This organization is close to my entrepreneurial heart. By donating your new or gently used bras, you’re giving economic opportunity that women use to change their lives.

Your financial donation helps survivors of human trafficking start their own businesses selling bras in their local second-hand clothing markets while they recover and build their new life.

See more information here.


Lesson From my Grandma: Put a Belt on it!

How to Use Your Belts

If you’re like any of my clients, you’ve got a drawer full of accessories and belts you’re not using.  Here are some ideas to use those belts! 

While a belt may seem like a simple accessory, as you can see, it can transform an outfit.

Additionally, they can create or emphasize a waist.

Afraid you have no waist?  Create (ahem, fake) a waist by using a skinny belt at the smallest part of your waist.

It creates an immediate hourglass shape! (no gym required)

Put a Belt on it, Hanna Lee Style,

My love of wardrobe was inspired by my grandma.  Here’s example of her looking absolutely chic.

Put a Belt on it, Hanna Lee Style,

Put a Belt on it, Hanna Lee Style,

I love that this belt adds a little funk to an otherwise potentially “business” suit.

Stylish in Seconds, Hanna Lee Style,

A simple before and after to see an “outfit” difference!

Vest, Hanna Lee Style,

This is one of my grandma’s belts.  This outfit is actually a top and a skirt but I’ve brought it all together using her belt.

3 Ways to Wear Belt, Hanna Lee Style,

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Why You Should Adopt an Outfit Uniform This Year

The Outfit Uniform!

If I say: Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, what’s the first thing to come to mind?  Think visually here.

Hoodie sweatshirt and turtlenecks.

Yup, a good old fashioned outfit uniform!  While I’m not a fan of wearing a hoodie for a uniform, I am a fan of the concept and you can see here throughout these photos.

How can you create a “uniform” to make your life easier?

Here are three uniforms you can steal:
1. Blazer + scarf + skinny pant or wide leg and a boot
2. Vest + shirt + scarf + shoe
3. (Maybe you have great them off!)  Sweater-blazer + skirt + tights +boot

For many of my fabulous clients we often find a uniform that works and is easy for them.  It allows creativity to utilize what you own and you can look put together quickly, so if you’ve found yourself more or less wearing a uniform, dive in and embrace it! It works and allows for dressing ease!

As you can see, a vest outfit is more or less a uniform of mine.  It allows me to look put together without being overheated.

3 Ways to Wear Fur Vest, Hanna Lee Style,

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Simple Swap Ideas: Summer-to-Winter

Simple swaps to get more use out of your wardrobe!

  AccessoryFormula, Hanna Lee Style, 

Capsule Wardrobe 101:


Ahem, hello versatility!

It’s a less-is-more approach when it comes to wardrobe. Which, as you know, we’re all busy so saving time is so important and it’s why I strongly believe in capsule wardrobe collections.  While some people are strict in their “numbers” (i.e-they have a 30 piece wardrobe that mixes and matches), my idea of capsule-wardrobing is truly one that mixes and matches effortlessly.  I like clothes and I can’t quite commit to a firm number of pieces.

Here’s an example of a pant that moves beautifully throughout seasons (you can pretty much do this with a few simple swaps for any clothing!) 

What summer staple can  you make winter friendly with a few swaps?

3 Ways to Wear Fur Vest, Hanna Lee Style,
3 Ways to Wear Fur Vest, Hanna Lee Style,

Do you see how easily you can make summer pieces winter friendly? Whether it’s a boot, tight and faux fur vest like above or a turtleneck, remember it can be done easily to get more use out of your summer favorites!

The Perfect Casual Holiday Outfit

Want to look festive but not overdone?

festive but not overdone, Hanna Lee Style, 

Here’s an easy outfit you can copy that you probably already own!

When you’re attending a casual holiday party this season (maybe your book club?) you want to look chic but not overdone.

Here’s an alternative to sequins and velvet (and I do LOVE both!)

A faux leather jacket + turtleneck + bright pink skirt and belt + pair with your favorite boot. Easy and you’ll look completely put-together!

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Three Ways to Wear Your Red Pants this Holiday

Whether it’s a holiday party, book club or an evening spent with your girlfriends these looks are fun and festive without wearing that ugly Christmas sweater (wink).

If heels are not for you (let’s be real- they aren’t really for me either) switch with your favorite comfortable-but-chic boot and voila, you’re ready to go!

4 ways to wear your red pant, Hanna Lee Style,

4 ways to wear your red pant, Hanna Lee Style,
4 ways to wear your red pant, Hanna Lee Style,
4 ways to wear your red pant, Hanna Lee Style,

Here are some fab shoe alternatives!

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What color scarf do I wear with…

A lot of clients ask me, “how do I know what color scarf to wear with X outfit?”  I’m giving you two of my top tips to choose your color scarf!

Silk is my number #1 recommendation when purchasing scarves because of its’ breathability. It keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Hermes is a favorite of mine but I truly love supporting small businesses so I’m a big fan of Alex + Grey for silk scarves and shopping small!  I own four of her scarves and am always impressed with the quality and versatility.

How to Choose Scarf Color, Hanna Lee Style,
How to Choose Scarf Color, Hanna Lee Style,
How to Choose Scarf Color, Hanna Lee Style,