How to Stay Stylish in the Rain

As a stylist that loves the art of simplicity, this outfit is a beautiful example that style doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. At first glance these basics may seem boring, but when paired together you’ll look absolutely stylish, despite the weather.

Having now done this for a decade, trust me when I say I am sure you have 99% of this outfit hanging in your closet.

Whether you run cool or warm, these layers are perfect for quick temperature changes.  The hat’s especially important for those of us that wear glasses and want to avoid the rain on our frames.

p.s-if the weather is really bad, wear your rain boots.

When broken down this outfit is full of simple pieces but when paired together, you’ll look and feel incredibly stylish.

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Wearing White Denim in the Fall

White Denim in the Fall, Hanna Lee Style,

That whole “No white after Labor Day?’ “rule”, let it go. See how to wear your white denim throughout the fall below.  White denim is such a fresh pop during these fall days. As a stylist that loves versatility, it’s all about adding the right pieces (ahem, layers).  

Even white during holidays is one of my favorite looks (especially paired with golds, hello!)

And, because it’s such a neutral color, you really can dress it up or down. Add your favorite fall ankle boot to make it even more fall-friendly.


White Denim in the Fall, Hanna Lee Style,

White Denim in the Fall, Hanna Lee Style,
White Denim in the Fall, Hanna Lee Style,

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Your easiest but put-together outfit ever

Simple style, Hanna Lee Style,

Black, white and a scarf

Yup, it’s that easy!  I’m so confident you have these pieces in your closet!  While they’re not going to be identical, use this simple outfit formula to look put-together when you’re in a hurry or you just want simplicity at its best!

Easy style that always works

Simple style, Hanna Lee Style,
Simple style, Hanna Lee Style,

Here’s another simple black-and-white outfit yet totally chic and put-together.

Simple style, Hanna Lee Style,

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Two Pieces to Buy This Fall

How to Choose Scarf Color, Hanna Lee Style,

What I love about style:

It can be so.incredibly.simple.

I loved this outfit walking out of the house.  It was so easy and yet I felt incredibly put-together.

That’s exactly what I provide for men and women. Easy style that looks incredibly put-together (without trying too hard).

A few key pieces I swear by for effortless dressing and looking put-together quickly: scarves and layers.

Whether you’re rocking your Hermes, or small designer (like this Alex & Grey)– know that a scarf is SO easy but always completes an outfit!

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Favorite Faux Leathers, Hanna Lee Style,

Here’s proof of me living in scarves (wink)

AccessoryFormula, Hanna Lee Style,
DIY Denim Hem, Hanna Lee Style,
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Maxi Dress: 3 Ways to Wear it All Year Long

As I dream of temperatures cooling (yes, fall is my favorite season..)  I wanted to share, in pictures, how easy it is to transition your favorite maxi dress throughout the year.

Hint: It’s all about the layers.

Stylist Pro Tip: If you’re trying to minimize your wardrobe or considering a capsule wardrobe, a black or navy neutral color would probably be a “safer” option FYI.

A maxi dress can be worn throughout the seasons.  If you need help building your capsule wardrobe collection, contact me today and we’ll schedule an in-home style consultation!

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#1 Secret to Find Denim That Fits

Denim:  love em or hate em (or they never fit)…

Here’s your denim-life-changing secret:

When I share this denim-life-changing secret with clients and friends, they sigh relief.  I cannot tell you how much this will change your view when you try on denim. You’ll be so relieved (I promise) and amazed (I promise).


Un-Fancy Your Fancy Skirt

Un-Fancy your Fancy Skirt


Just because a piece is “fancy” doesn’t mean it can only be worn once!

Whether you’re packing for this long holiday Labor Day weekend or you simply want to wear that fabulous metallic skirt or dress again; pair it with denim! A denim jacket dresses down pieces so easily and as I’ve said before-it’s a great neutral to any wardrobe.

Not a denim jacket lady? No problem. Replace it was a more casual layer of your choice (maybe it’s a favorite cashmere cardigan).

You’ll also see me rocking this skirt with a turtleneck when the weather cools and a fab fall boot!

Quick tip:

If you have a long torso and you want to look taller and elongate your legs, either tuck your tops in or give them a quick tie!

Remember, simple tips like this (tucking or tying your shirt) are quick and make big differences. You don’t have to invest in a million pieces.  Your wardrobe can be small and mighty. Get creative!

Like easy and put-together outfits?


The Elusive Black Flat..

Something as simple as a black flat that’s comfortable and versatile sounds like a simple find, right?

Not always.

A lot of my clients struggle in this area- especially those that travel often.  I’ve put together a highly curated collection of black flats that I’ve personally worn and brands I know well.

I’ve also added a MIRACLE pair of denim that has been working for so many of my clients. Happy shopping!

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How to Elongate Legs & Create a Waistline

If you have a long torso and short legs like myself, this is a great tip to elongate your legs and emphasize your waist!

Tie Your Tunic to Fake Waist, Hanna Lee Style,

Give it a quick tie.   This super simple trick takes seconds and is incredibly effective.

Tie Your Tunic to Fake Waist, Hanna Lee Style,
Tie Your Tunic to Fake Waist, Hanna Lee Style,

Remember, style can be simple AND stylish.  Give your tunic a quick tie and voila! You’ve got a waistline and longer legs.

Win win!

Blazer Turned Vest (1 Vest/ 4 Outfits)

Vest, Hanna Lee Style,

In an effort to live more consciously and have less (but mighty); versatility is key to creating a wardrobe capsule you’ll love (and wear often).

This now-fabulous vest was once a blazer.

If you have a blazer you no longer like or you think you’d love a “new” vest- take it to your local tailor and have them take the sleeves off. It’s easy and an inexpensive way to have a new piece you’ll wear often.

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