Grads & Moms: Unique Gifts They’ve Never Had

If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gift for your mom or a grad, look no further with these fun and different gifts that will give joy, delight and be more than fun.

The DIY’er: Learn the fundamentals of style and how to look put together easily

Stylist in Your Back Pocket: Learn the fundamentals of style so you can quickly look put together and practically get dressed in the dark.  Step-by-step easy instruction.

In less than 30 days you can have style knowledge and skills for the rest of your life so you can save time and money (and look stylish doing so!)   

Module 1: Discover Your Style 

Discover how to easily translate how you want to feel and communicate to the world via your style. Plus, discover 30+ new-to-you brands (per style) – the ultimate expert shopping cheat sheet.

Module 2: Closet Clean Out 

Clean out your closet with:

  • Things you just haven’t worn
  • Are out of date
  • Impractical 
  • Discover flatter figuring styles for your body type 

Module 3: Organize your way to stylish outfit combos

Easily organize your closet so you have lots of outfit choices at the ready in your closet and effortless mornings.  End up with a versatile set of clothes that go well together in different stylish outfit combos. 

Module 4:  Learn how to put outfits together 

You’ll be well on your way to outfitting like a stylist and complete outfits just by soaking in the glory of the before-and-afters. Discover the easiest outfit formula to take your outfits from blah to stylish.  

How to put outfits together for every occasion like: 

  • what to wear with skirts
  • comfy casual outfits
  • how to wear dresses in the winter
  • casual outfit 

Plus, over 40 casual outfits you can copy or get inspiration from.  

Module 5:  Renew, repurpose and recycle

Discover new life from your current wardrobe and accessories with no-sew tips and tricks anyone can do (no sewing needed!)  See before-and-afters so you can see how easy they are.  

Module 6: How to shop secondhand and thrift online

Learn how to score quality without the price tag-shop missing holes like a pro would (so you’re not buying different versions of the same thing over and over). 

If they need more support, they can upgrade and join the Sustainable & Stylish Insider’s Club, a private membership group held on Facebook with 1:1 feedback and community support. Plus, they’ll have access to my VIP “Clear the Resale” rack where they can shop my secondhand finds.  

All modules are pre-recorded for the convenience of self-paced learning.  


Step-by-step online style course

Done-for-you: Personal Styling & Shopping Experience

For the woman that needs new clothing and wants all the shopping done for her.
After an easy style intake and a quick meeting via Zoom, Hanna takes a style inventory of her current wardrobe and sends her a sneak peek shopping proposal so the recipient knows Hanna is on the right (shopping) track.

Recipient will arrive to a beautiful, highly curated dressing room filled with styles that fit, flatter and mix and match. One convenient location and up to two hours to try things on. She’ll try on merchandise from five different stores in one location for the ultimate convenience. 
She’ll leave with up to 20 mix and match outfits. She only keeps what she loves and I return the rest.

Not in Chicago? Can be shipped to your door.  


20 mix-and-match complete outfits done for you.  Shop 5 stores’ merchandise at one convenient location (or shipped directly to your door).

Hi, I’m Hanna!

Hi I’m Hanna, owner of Hanna Lee Style, and I’m just a gal that has a love for sustainable style and is a self-proclaimed bookworm.  I alternate between business, personal development, love and murder mysteries.

You too? Good. I appreciate working with fellow book lovers that can get lost in a great story.

My greatest joy (other than reading for hours until my eyes blur) is helping women entrepreneurs look and feel put together quickly so they can spend their time where it matters.  

I’ve been a stylist for over a decade and have worked on sets of TV commercials for Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Kraft or more.   After seeing so much waste in the fashion industry I became an advocate for sustainable style (after all, I’ve been a secondhand fan for years, wearing my grandma’s clothing for over a decade).

Now, I exclusively work as an online stylist helping entrepreneurs look put together with comfortable, stylish outfits quickly so they can spend time where it matters (paired with sustainable style for a healthier, happier planet).