What to Wear Family Photos

On set of TV commercials & print advertisements we used to purchase $10k+ worth of clothing to return 99% of it.

I don’t want that for you (let alone the stress of it!) Yikes.

​Here are some samples I’ve been putting together for clients lately to help take the stress out of what to wear for a family photo shoot (I also do this individually for brand photos if that’s ever a need)!

I provide 4 options (using what client has) and/or supplementing shopping as needed. They choose their top 2 looks and I provide different variations on those looks so you can show up, feeling confident and having FUN getting the photos done.

Here are my top tips when it comes to family photos:
1.) Choose an overall vibe. Are you classic? Boho? Bold?
2.) Choose a color theme.
3.) Have one or two patterns but remember these should be able to stand next to each other as a pair- aka be careful when it comes to pattern clashing.

Additionally, avoid super small patterns or tight patterns- they moire on camera (they “buzz”)- aka they will make you dizzy and no one wants that (see photo here)

4.) Try multiple variations and see which you like best. Have fun!

Remember when considering what to wear at family photo shoot, each outfit should be able to pair with one another and also stand on it’s own with just one other person.

Have fun!

Want customized outfits so you can show up and have fun? Head here.