Trend to DIY: Denim frayed hem

If I can DIY this denim trend- so can you!

Simply cut straight across and pull with your fingers so the threads become loose.  Wash immediately so the fringe looks more worn in.

As a big fan of capsule collections and mix and match pieces, I don’t do trends often but when I do..I like to make sure they cost next to nothing.

(If you’re too scared to ruin a pair of your jeans consider thrifting denim. This JCREW pair cost less than $12.00).  But if you’re anything like my clients I know you have quite a few extra pairs laying around (wink).

I may add some more tears in the knee but for now this was a less-than-5 minute project and these are fun to wear to be trendy (with barely any investment).

Make it an outfit

  • Add your favorite sleeveless tunic
  • Throw on a scarf
  • Fun shoes

Finish with jewelry..voila!

DIY Denim Hem, Hanna Lee Style,

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How to: Capsule Wardrobe 101, Hanna Lee Style,

What does a personal stylist do?

Personal styling seems like an odd job, am I right?  To this day I pinch myself that I have been doing this for 10 years.

A decade!

If you’re familiar with an interior designer- I’m similar but with all things wardrobe (shoes and accessories).  Just as an interior designer makes your home feel like YOU. I make your wardrobe feel like you.

And just as our homes are uniquely us- so are our wardrobes.   I created this page to show you how different each client I work with is and that no style is *exactly* the same.

That’s the beauty of my job after all. I love that I get to work with such different clients.

It’s my job as a stylist to help enhance their existing style and open their eyes to new brands they may not know.

Each client is unique (and so is their style!)

I also use my famous detective skills (wink) and ask a lot of questions, as well as take inventory or their current wardrobes to see what they currently love wearing.

As you can imagine, I’m a visual learner so when I see someone’s wardrobe-I immediately know brands they’d like (that they’ve probably never heard of before).

Head on over here to see ten different clients’ wardrobes and how different we all are!

The #1 Secret to Finding Denim That Fits

Want denim that fits every time?

I can’t tell you how many women struggle with the denim.  In fact, it’s probably the most frustrating find for my clients.

Here’s the secret….

Fit your hips and thighs first which means sizing up. I typically bring three different sizes of jeans to a fitting. Two sizes up than your typical pant size.

Take your denim to your tailor and get your waist taken in.

Your perfect denim fit awaits, enjoy!

NYDJ jeans are my favorite for women sizes 10-18.  They fit so beautifully! 

The Secret to Denim That Fits, Hanna Lee Style,

Denim Outfit Inspiration

If you’re going to invest in a pair of denim, as a stylist that insists on versatility, I recommend a dark, clean denim so you can use it for day and night.

The Secret to Denim That Fits, Hanna Lee Style,
Long Weekend Capsule Checklist,Hanna Lee Style,
The Secret to Denim That Fits, Hanna Lee Style,


How to: Capsule Wardrobe 101, Hanna Lee Style,

Behind the Scenes: Wardrobe Remix

Behind the Scenes: Wardrobe Remix

Did you know 80% of women wear only 20% of their wardrobe?  I’m a bit guilty of this too every so often but as a stylist it’s my job to help you wear more of your wardrobe. 

The Wardrobe Remix is one of my favorite services to offer because women love seeing new ways to wear their wardrobe. Here are a few reasons why you’d love it too:

  • Get dressed easier and faster
  • Have 20 go-to outfit ideas head-to-toe
  • Save money by utilizing what you already own!

Final Product! This is what your phone can look like!

Hanna Lee Style Outfit App

What it looks like during the process..

If you want to see my outfitting skills in person and test before you buy, contact me today and we’ll setup your free home consultation!

3 Common Closet Audit Pitfalls and How Easily to Conquer Them

I don’t know if it’s the Fall-is-coming excitement or back to school ads but both myself and clients have been auditing a lot lately, so I wanted to share three common auditing pitfalls and how to conquer them.

1. “It’s okay..”

You know that other “I want to live-in-this” piece? Yeah, that one.  We’re going for that feeling. Don’t settle for “it’s okay.” Because if you’re wearing the it’s-okay piece, you’re going to feel “okay.

BORING! Life’s too short.  Have a smaller, mightier wardrobe that is filled with pieces you love, are comfortable and fit well.

2. “But I may lose weight..”

Will you really though? I don’t mean this as harsh as it sounds.  If you’ve had a recent event (health or child) that has caused weight gain and you’re 7lbs away from X goal? Keep the piece.  More than 10lbs away and you’re still enjoying all that deliciousness? Let it go. You don’t need a reminder to lose weight every time you see those jeans.

p.s-you can always buy new jeans if you lose weight.

3. But, it’s in perfect condition…

“And it doesn’t really fit.” or “I don’t love it anymore..”

Great, that’s useful information! Let it go. Whether it’s not flattering, doesn’t fit or it’s been loved and worn; now’s the time to let it go.

If you working on building a beautiful mix-and-match wardrobe capsule collection; here are the ultimate seven questions to ask yourself when wondering if you should toss or keep.

7QuestionstoKeeporToss, Hanna Lee Style,

7 Simple Easy Questions to Ask Yourself When Struggling to Toss or Keep

1.  Does it fit? (If you find fit confusing..head over here. Before & Afters included!)
2.  Does it mix and match with my existing wardrobe?
3.  Do I feel comfortable in it (if you keep *trying* to  make a piece work- ditch it! It’s a sign it’s uncomfortable)
4. Would I buy this right now if I were out shopping?
5.  Is it damaged? (and worth the repair if so?)
6. Is it reflective of me?  My personality?
7. Do I love it? (*See my note below).

If easier mornings and a simplified closet sounds good to you, consider a wardrobe capsule collection here.


Sarah’s Circle is a non-profit organization with a mission of serving women who are homeless or in need of a safe space.

Toiletry items, clothing and miscellaneous items needed. Please see a further list here of items needed.

*Clothing sizes XL-3X are especially needed.


North Shore Exchange is a breeze to consign with (and shop! They have fabulous pieces.) 100% of their profits are donated to charity.

Check out more information here.

Donate Your Bras

This organization is close to my entrepreneurial heart. By donating your new or gently used bras, you’re giving economic opportunity that women use to change their lives.

Your financial donation helps survivors of human trafficking start their own businesses selling bras in their local second-hand clothing markets while they recover and build their new life.

See more information here.


The Rule of Three (Leather Skirt)

As a stylist in Chicago I help successful women look put-together effortlessly.  As a very plan-driven, practical shopper, I’ve developed a true love for my “Rule of Three” when considering a new purchase.

It’s why I believe in shopping to expand and enhance your existing wardrobe. Not just “because.”

Now is typically one of my favorite times of year to shop because sales are amazing…BUT I wanted to remind you (and myself) of my only and favorite fashion “rule”: the Rule of Three.  I strongly believe in purchasing items that can be worn threefold within your existing wardrobe.

The Rule of Three, Hanna Lee Style,

With that said, I was shopping Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale last week and was pretty excited about the leather skirt (mostly faux this year-which is great!)

For a lot of women that I work with this may not be in your wheelhouse but for those women that have creative dress codes, I love the above outfits you can do with a leather skirt!

I’ve done a round up here if you want to shop my top picks



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Learn From My Grandma: Put a Belt on It

Capsule Wardrobe 101

As you all know, my love of wardrobe was inspired by my grandma.  Here’s another example of her looking absolutely chic.  While a belt may seem like a simple accessory, as you can see, it can transform an outfit.

Additionally, they can create or emphasize a waist.

Afraid you have no waist?  Create (ahem, fake) a waist by using a skinny belt at the smallest part of your waist. It creates an immediate hourglass shape (no gym required).

Put a Belt on it, Hanna Lee Style,

Put a Belt on it, Hanna Lee Style,

Put a Belt on it, Hanna Lee Style,

I love that this belt adds a little funk to an otherwise potentially “business” suit.

Stylish in Seconds, Hanna Lee Style,

Remember this before and after?

Vest, Hanna Lee Style,

This is one of my grandma’s belts.  This outfit is actually a top and a skirt but I’ve brought it all together using her belt.

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How to: Capsule Wardrobe 101, Hanna Lee Style,

The No-Fail Accessory Formula

The No-Fail Accessory Formula

AccessoryFormula, Hanna Lee Style,


I’ve been living in these necklaces from Rumination Studio.  (And you know you’ve scored when they beautifully blend with jewelry you already own like the “H” I’m wearing here.)

I know jewelry can be intimidating and feel overwhelming so I always recommend layering necklaces if you want to jazz up everyday basics.

How to: layer one long and one short.

This is in addition to your everyday essentials (for me; my triple gold bracelet, my singular bracelet on other wrist, wedding ring and usually my Rach B earrings).

If you love and wear a capsule collection of mix and match basics, accessorizing is a great way to look stylish and pull it all together (without getting bored of basics!)

AccessoryFormula, Hanna Lee Style,
AccessoryFormula, Hanna Lee Style,

Remember, you can always add a scarf on top of your necklace too!


How to: Capsule Wardrobe 101, Hanna Lee Style,

Date Night: Capsule Collection

Whether you’re married, single, recently dating or maybe-looking, dating can be stressful and what to wear? Another level of stress.

Here’s a Love Capsule Collection I swear by.   While these colors or cuts may not be for you- steal the ideas and you’ll be in date night wardrobe mix and match heaven!

Hanna Lee Style, Customized Capsule Collections,

Want more time with your coffee (or your date)?
Check out my customized virtual wardrobe capsule collections here.

Red lipstick is another way to feel sexy if you’re feeling otherwise blah (and it takes less than 10 seconds).  Do you wear red?  MAC’S Ruby Woo is a great universal red that works well on a lot of women!

Comfy and Chic Shoes to Know

As you know, comfortable and chic are vital for myself and my clients.  Whether it’s walking downtown,  carrying put-together outfits to my client’s homes, shopping multiple stores to find the perfect accessory or playing with Henry- I am on my feet constantly.

I’ve put together a roundup of my favorites here.  (Check out the grey gunmetal Klub Nico..) 

The grey gunmetal shoes would look so chic with all black and pops of jewelry, a wedding outfit, a trendy cropped denim pant or well, your fall capsule collection.

I bought the Klub Nico neutral mule to replace another pair of mules that have been worn and loved (they needed to be replaced) so when I saw these and the price- I scored!

ComfyandChicShoes, Hanna Lee Style,
ComfyandChicShoes, Hanna Lee Style,

I’ve been living in these Eileen Fisher wedges this summer. So comfortable plus they go with everything.

p.s- I’ve had this $20 H&M dress for years. I love balancing high-end wardrobe and low (sometimes a cheap thrill is fun!)

This navy bomber jacket is my grandma’s Yves Saint Laurent. Considering it fits me pretty well, I assume this jacket is 50+ years old. Isn’t that extraordinary? (I don’t think this H&M dress will last that long). Wink.

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