Extraordinary Woman: Melanie Vetter

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Each month I’ll be featuring women that are living a life of passion-whether it’s their business or craft, I want you to meet some of the extraordinary women I have the pleasure of knowing and I know you’ll love meeting them too.

Melanie Vetter is passionate about helping you design a meaningful life you love.

As a journaling, story and life coach, she takes her clients on the journey to rediscover their authentic self through reflecting on their own story.

Her greatest joy is to help people like you connect deeply with who you are —what matters to you what you value, your dreams and what lights you up — so that you can experience the clarity, joy, and possibility that you want in life each and every day.

Learn more on her website or connect on FB, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

I’ve had the greatest pleasure of taking three of Melanie’s workshops and I truly cannot tell you how much I adore them. In fact, I wish it were monthly.

I love writing (in fact, in high school, I created a small writing group and we’d meet weekly to write/journal etc).  It was wonderful. I am trying to make the space and time to reflect more often and with Melanie’s workshops- I’ve been able to do so.

They have filled me with so many emotions. I highly, highly recommend (and let me know which you do so I can come and “see” you there!)

Melanie offers wonderful workshops and many free resources on her website.

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