What to Wear With Floral Skirt


After being a stylist for a decade I’ve heard this over a thousand times.  Women have their go-to pairings, outfit after outfit and it’s why you’re stuck in such a rut.

Here’s how to wear a floral skirt. 

Try a piece or two in your closet you’ve been struggling with and head on over to Pinterest for some inspiration and type in “X piece outfit ideas”..see what pops up!

Or hire me for personal online styling Instantly Outfitted (wink).

An avid fan of teaching my clients how to use more of what they have, I hope this post inspires you to PLAY in your wardrobe and you discover fun new outfit ideas with how to wear your floral skirt.

Looking for ideas how to wear your floral dress in winter? Head over to this blog post here.

Don’t these outfits look so fabulously different yet I am using the same skirt in every outfit?