How to style a sweatshirt

Think you can only wear your sweatshirt for cozy nights in or going to Target on an errand trip? Think again. Here’s how to style your crewneck sweatshirt.

With these easy outfit tips, you’ll be looking stylish in no time and can even wear your most comfortable sweatshirt to the boardroom–here’s how.

Your favorite crewneck sweatshirt is getting a makeover.

Pair your favorite white shirt underneath and complete the outfit with a wide-leg black pant. Voila, you’re business ready while staying stylishly cool.

Three outfit ideas to copy:
1. Pair with with your favorite shawl vest and denim. Finish with your favorite fun earrings (Cities in Dust daisies) and voila!

2. Make it look dressy (or business) and pair a chic white shirt under it with a wide leg black pant.

3. Wear the outfit with your favorite overalls and top it off with your Chanel pin.

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