3 Pieces to Master Cozy Chic

If you’re like the rest of the world right now it sounds like a lot of us are wanting to feel cozy and comfortable.

Here are three pieces to cozy chic perfection:
1. Joggers / pull on pants

2. Cozy sweaters

3. Oversized anything but remember, the key here is to balance so wear the opposite on top to not become an oversized blob.  (Although in the name of all-things-cozy I have included a ridiculously comfortable sweater , the Nordic Beach Wrap, in my shopping roundup)

Versatility included

Joggers / pull on pants are going to be your wardrobe BFF for the next few weeks (and here’s some photo inspiration how you can wear them moving forward but replace heels with a comfortable shoe.)

I’ve done a shopping roundup of cozy-chic looks in case you need a few pieces to tide you over but as you know my love for versatility- you will wear these pieces beyond this- I promise you that.

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