9 Style Hacks Anyone Can do to Look Put Together


As a personal stylist, I’m always looking for opportunities to reimagine your wardrobe, whether it’s outfitting for you with my digital service, Instantly Outfitted, or it’s making simple suggestions to change your pieces, I wanted to share a few favorite easy DIY and style tips, all under $20, that make you look put together and stylish.

1. Change your buttons

Changing buttons on any garment or coat can be such a game changer.  Doesn’t this coat look one million times better with the gold buttons?  Such an easy tweak but makes a world of difference!

2. Turn your blazer into a vest

Cut the sleeves off a Chanel blazer? Yes please!  Again- it’s all about versatility. I’ve done this was three blazers total and every time I do-I am thrilled! I pay for this professionally to be done but if you have sewing skills, you could probably accomplish this on your own.

3. Wear your shirt dress as a duster (Free style hack!)

As a stylist that lives for versatility, this is an easy “hack” anyone can do– get creative by using your wardrobe in different ways! The best part? It costs nothing.

4. Shibori inspired bleach dye jean jacket

Tie rubber bands around the sections you want to appear dark (these will be the dark circles). Set in bleach—often takes less than 30 minutes but watch periodically.

5. Knot the side of a tank to make it shorter

If you have a long tors0– this is a great hack to make your torso look shorter.  Not a long torso but want a different look? Give it knot.

6. Use dye to DIY your favorite trend

Choose a dress or piece that could be freshened up easily (or if you have the same dye colors on hand-that helps too!)

7. Use dye to DIY your favorite trend

Choose your colors (make sure you wear gloves!) Revel in your new project. This is also really fun to do with kids (messy but fun!)

8. Use RIT dye to transform

8. DIY your own denim hem

I love this and frankly I do it often, I’ve found that ankle length pants for myself and clients often lend themselves to more versatility. You can wear ankle length pants with a sandal, wedge, heel and over ankle boots- yes please!