7 Timeless Fashion Pieces That Will Always Be In Style


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I’m Hanna.  My grandma (left) inspired my career as a personal stylist and she certainly inspired my love for the classics. I was fortunate to inherit her wardrobe and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

Inheriting her wardrobe too of course inspired my love for sustainability and secondhand. 

If you’re looking to build a sustainable wardrobe and have classic pieces that will always be in style, this is for you.

While fashion is always cyclical (aka we see trends repeat themselves every few years simply in different forms), these seven pieces listed are always in style.

You can wear these classics over and over again.

Inspired by none other than my Grandma Jean of course.

Additionally, many of these pieces that are here- I still own. 

That’s when you know fashion is seriously timeless- that it can walk off the runway today and still be fashionable as it was 25+ years ago.

Upon my grandma’s death I’d learned that she had literally kept decades worth of wardrobe (I don’t recommend this and if it’s a struggle for you to clean out the closet, check out this blog here)

She literally kept sizes from 00-18.

Lucky me, but I don’t recommend this route.


Whether you’re pattern mixing a la skinny stripe paired with oversized floral skirt or preppy chic with a blazer, the outfit list with stripes is endless.

And, it’s one reason I love the stripe tee: it lends itself to MANY looks.

My grandma is wearing it, from what I can gather, to paint and work alongside my grandfather.

P.s- this is a fun DIY / fashion up-cycle you can absolutely do with your denim.

More on this inside of Stylist in Your Back Pocket. 



Blazers will always be classic staples. While the styles may change (shoulder pads, lapels, etc.)

I can honestly say that a true classic princess seam blazer will always be in style.

Another stripe and navy look that I absolutely love (and purposefully) copied when I was pregnant.

This is definitely one of my very favorite coats I’ve inherited from Grandma Jean as it’s just so beautifully made and fits like a glove.



Anyone can do this and it will always be in style. 

Wearing different shades of the same color is a fun and easy way to showcase your style.

Alternatively, you can also dress in complementary colors which are any two colors which are directly opposite each other, such as red and green and red-purple and yellow-green.

(Pinterest has so many fun examples you can see when you search this idea.)



Whether it’s with an oversized necklace or bold rings, statement jewelry will always be in style in one form or another.

Take this fashion cue from my grandma and pair a bold necklace over a white frock and voila- you are super glamorous.

Secondly, belts of all shapes and sizes will always be classic fashion.

I love looking stylish while traveling and while I don’t think I’ll look as stylish as my grandma traveling per se, it’s definitely inspiring and chic.

Make it the jewelry of your outfit: wearing my grandma’s vintage women’s Gucci belt and absolutely using it as jewelry for this outfit. 

It’s such a fun pop of color and adds instant style. 

(Plus–hello, you’ve seen the Gucci belt craze the past few years..)

Curious where to belt?

Here’s a quick tip: find the smallest part of your rib cage. It’s the most universally flattering place to belt for both wide and skinny belts. 

If you do love the Gucci belt trend and need to figure out your Gucci sizing belt, head to a store directly to guarantee success finding your Gucci belt size.

(p.s- if you need to add holes a belt hole puncher is a super simple tool you can purchase!). 


You may be thinking this should be with the above in accessories but I’m going to say it deserves it’s own category.  If you’ve been around me for some time, you’ll know my love and devotion towards silk scarves. 

They LITERALLY can change an entire look in seconds.  They’ve also been around forever and will continue to do so.

I have way too many pictures to post

Struggle pairing your scarves and outfits? This video will help you with scarf styling tips, like how to wear a scarf with jeans. 



I have too many to share without being embarrassed but yes..they’re always in style and always will be in style.  I tend to gravitate towards a crop, wider leg black pant for versatility purposes (winterize it with a boot and summer-ize it with a sandal).  A few of my favorites are Eileen Fisher and Brynn Walker. 

Admittedly, I love Fabrizio Gianni too but they have a stricter return policy that’s not super stylist friendly for myself and clients. Nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite wide leg pants that looks great and travels beautifully.


Perhaps for some it’s a classic collared white shirt and for others, it’s a t-shirt.

Two of my favorite white shirt brands are Misha Nonoo (super classic)  and Anne Fontaine (feminine and unique details).


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