Extraordinary Woman: Ruby Rodriguez

Welcome to a new series: Extraordinary Women!

Each month I’ll be featuring women that are living a life of passion-whether it’s their business or craft, I want you to meet some of the extraordinary women I have the pleasure of knowing and I know you’ll love meeting them too.

Ruby and I first bonded over — you guessed it, accessories!  Ruby and I quickly became fast friends over opposite coasts (she lives in CA!) but the powers of the inter-webs connected us and I am beyond grateful.

We really really bonded over our love for our grandmother’s styles and the art of dressing. Then we both discussed our similar love for resale and before you know it, it seemed like we’ve known each other for years and have had a long friendship.  Ruby offers some of my favorite classics (ahem, gold hoops) but her one-of-a-kind treasures are some of my personal and client favorites (sorry to say but her very exclusive handmade pieces are only available through a few select stylists!) 

From Ruby:

I have always been an adventurer on an endless search for visual inspiration.  I love travel as an opportunity to view the work of other artisans—textiles, pottery, jewelry, clothing—anything made by sincere humans with a unique point of view brings me great joy.  It also inspires me to create pieces of jewelry that I hope are reminders of the vastly different ways lives are lived.

The jewelry I make by hand is a reflection of my love for diverse ways of thinking, knowing and being in this world.  It’s a complicated thing to think about and I don’t offer any answers to the hard questions—I just like to hold space for them—always open.  Though I also run an online boutique with commercially produced jewelry (www.ruminationsstudio.com) my handmade pieces are sold only through collaborating stylists (Hey Hanna!) at this time.

I am also a homeschooling Mom (and have been for many years) of two beautiful, inspirational little humans and Wife to my soul mate.  Because those things super much matter!

You can support Ruby here:

Shop her jewelry: https://www.ruminationsstudio.com/

Follow her on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/ruminationsstudio/

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