How will you know my size for my capsule?

How will you know my size without meeting me in-person?”

The long and short? I play detective as MUCH as I can! 

Here are the ways I gather to make sure our capsule collection fittings are a success.  

Brands and their sizing

No, it’s not to judge your brand awareness or knowledge (I couldn’t care less about what brands you wear!) it’s for SIZING. 

For example, I *know* that Ann Taylor runs generously. I *know* that European brands generally runs small.  

BRANDS (sizes) ARE A MESS. DON’T GET ME WRONG.  THIS IS WHEN MY EXPERTISE COMES INTO PLAY.  Currently at a fitting there were multiple Theory pieces. 

We had the following sizes in Theory
 Size 2
Small P

(The size 2 was a *tiny* too small but barely, she kept all of these by the way). Everything else? FIT.  My eye has been trained in this. It’s how I can shop secondhand so well.  


3-5 full body photos so I can see your figure (nothing crazy or fancy. You can do this selfie-style In workout clothing) in front of mirror. Side photo, front 


3-5 photos of you in “real life” aka grab some photos from your photo roll — please do NOT overthink this. Just seeing you in real life allows me to see your personality and who you are 

-3-5 photos inspiration (I offer resources here if you need them) but I need some kind of *visual* inspiration of your LIKES/personal style 

I also chat about it here right before a fitting if you want to hear below watch part 1 and part 2. 

For my Chicago capsule services, I always bring two sizes when I can and if it’s possible. (It’s not always possible.) 

After being a stylist for over a decade, I have an incredibly high success rate with sizing and fittings.  

This will be the easiest shopping experience of your life! 

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