Two alterations to enhance your wardrobe

I shared a photo of myself the other day on Instagram and I was wearing a pair of Amazon joggers and expressing my guilt over purchasing fast fashion (because I rarely do this..)

You may be asking,

..”so what?”

While I passionately care about being a conscious consumer, I am also here to say, we’re human!

I am human and will make purchasing mistakes. My sustainability journey is imperfect.

(I’ve gotten my wears out of these joggers, that is certainly not the problem).  However, I know that Amazon certainly does’t have the kindest worker treatment and fair wages.

I’m sharing all this to say, we’re not perfect but ANY action you can take to be a more sustainable shopper and conscious consumer is greater than no action.

Imperfect action is greater than no action at all.

And speaking of sustainability, the most sustainable form of all?  Wearing what you already own.

There are two ways to do this:
1. Learning to outfit what you have
2. Repurposing it with an alteration (See photos below for inspiration!)

Here are two pieces that were both my grandma’s and I had tailored with Tad More Tailoring (they ship for the ultimate convenience).

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe that could use an alteration to create more versatility?

This was my grandma’s and you know how I feel about versatility! Adding a zipper element immediately adds more outfit possiblities (See the photos for proof!) If you need convenience and don’t want to make a trip to the tailor, highly recommend Tad More 

Vests are one of my go-to favorites for all the reasons but here’s another one if you need more proof!

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