Gifting Chicago personal shopping services

The following is based on the assumption that your wife has ASKED for a stylist or that she’s inquired about it. 


If your wife has frequently complained about “nothing to wear or has struggled with getting dressed after having children, this is an AMAZING GIFT.


…but.  You need to have the conversation with her that it’s coming from a place of taking care of her, helping her  (versus “fixing” her).  Some women take this very differently and I will only gift this service if you and your wife have previously discussed Chicago personal shopping service as an option. 


(If you need help having this conversation, let’s chat! I can send you prompt ideas).  


Why Chicago personal shopping feels life-altering:

  • Saves her time and hassle

  • She will have a stylish, mix-and-match wardrobe that flatters her figure so she can feel confident again.

  • She will FEEL TAKEN CARE OF.  (I can’t emphasize this enough, especially if she is a mom).  


She’ll walk away with 15-20 mix and match outfits including shoes and accessories, and photographs of outfit ideas.  


My capsule package is a $2,500.00 investment for my service fee and most folks, on average, spend $3500+ in addition to the service fee.

(Albeit I have many $1500.00 budgets and they still walk away with 10-15 quality pieces that mix and match!)



35+five star reviews

Feel free to read any of my 35+ five star reviews here so you can get a better sense of who I’ve served. 


You can also see more information on the capsule package and my website here. 

Here's what the process looks like:

Here’s the process:

  1. She and I meet on a virtual consult

  2. Prior to the consult she’ll send photos so I can see her figure and her size plus any “inspiration” photos she may have of clothing she likes or a Pinterest board of ideas (If she’s stuck on this, I have plenty of resources here).


  3. She’ll receive a mood board (aka a sample of our shopping).


  4.  She books her fitting date and completes a contract


  5. I shop and curate from 5-7 stores


  6. She meets me for a two-hour fitting in ONE location. She ONLY keeps what she loves. I handle ALL the returns.


  7. Within a week of our fitting, I send an invoice for clothing kept.


  8. Within 2 weeks of our fitting, she receives photos of outfit ideas from the clothing we’ve kept.  Literally NO guesswork required. She knows exactly what to wear together for stylish head-to-toe outfits.

Ready to purchase the gift certificate? 


Purchase here. 


Please note in the “notes to business” if you would like a hard copy gift certificate delivered to your address or if you would like an email PDF. 


She will use the code received when she schedules her fitting date and time. 

Want to chat on the phone? Great. Schedule a call here.


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