Ready to get out of your legging rut mama?

I’m here to help you look put together so easily you can practically get dressed in the dark (because let’s be honest, sometimes you have to!)

mom-life is hard!

Going from work, to waitress, to fort-builder, to dog walker, meal-planner and sometimes homeschool teacher when e-learning happens…oh my!

Welcome to a day in the life of a mom.

If you’re nodding along, I get it.

Mom-ing is HARD work. We do it all (and then some). The mental load is SO real.

On top of appearing to look like we have it all together? Yowza.

Have you gotten sucked down the vortex of comfortable-living (ahem, leggings & sweatshirts) and you’re unsure how to put together stylish outfits?

…you stress about what to wear when it comes to casual social gatherings (from dinner with husbands coworkers to board meetings at school)

…you’re unsure of your current style

…you don’t know how to get dressed anymore

…you don’t know how to put stylish outfits together

…shopping feels overwhelming and you tend to buy the same things over and over

getting dressed can be easy!

It doesn’t have to be that way, instead imagine...

…if looking put together was as easy as sipping wine with girlfriends at your favorite neighborhood restaurant

…not having to sacrifice your comfort for stylish outfits (yes, it’s possible!)

…feeling SO confident and self-assured for every social occasion that came your way

…your own self-confidence sky rocket by investing in yourself and giving yourself some TLC

I'm Hanna...

…a cliche coffee lover (black in the morning and an iced oat-milk latte in the afternoon), a mom, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, bookworm and wanna-be mermaid. 

I have an incredibly realistic approach to fashion and style– aka I believe you should have the tools to look good when you want to and it should be beyond effortlessly easy. 

I’ve been a personal stylist for over a decade and have worked on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements with many Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, Pepsi-Co, Special K and more. 

Now, I exclusively work with clients inside of Stylist in Your Back Pocket, helping moms find their personal style so they can look put together easily (without wasting a ton of time and energy).


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How I can help you:

Stylist in Your Back Pocket

Stylist in Your Back Pocket is a crash course in all things style (especially if you like stylish-but-comfortable).

1:1 Feedback, on-demand style masterclasses, monthly coaching, private podcast access and a resource library of 3+ ways to wear at your fingertips so you never run out of stylish outfit ideas. 

PLUS, yes! 1:1 Feedback via email or FB so you have a stylist (ahem, yours truly), on-call. 

Here’s how to look put together easily and stylishly without waisting so much time and energy.

You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. If you're stuck in a legging rut, this is for you.

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16 Non-Legging Stylish (but Comfortable) Outfits you can copy now!

Download this guide to steal these 16 stylish outfit ideas you can copy.

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  • Plus, stop these 3 common style mistakes now and save hundreds of dollars immediately!

What people are saying...

“I’ve had so much fun wearing all my “new” old things!”

I’ve had so much fun wearing all my “new” old  things! She helped me make new outfits I would’ve never thought of and also recommended key pieces to enhance my existing wardrobe.

I would highly recommend Hanna’s help if you are someone like me who was constantly looking in their packed closet and saying “I have nothing to wear.”

— Susan K.

“Working with Hanna has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

All the stars. Working with Hanna has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not a fashion or style person, but I’m working on mental health, self-worth, and authenticity. I came to Hanna hoping not for a wardrobe or really even outfit ideas, not shopping (although she exposed me to some amazing pieces!)…but really needing someone to hold my hand and guide me while I grew. She asked thoughtful questions that really made me evaluate where my thoughts where coming from, and now there’s some serious mindset shifting happening and I so appreciate it <3

— Stephanie S.

If you’re ready to invest time in yourself and have a stylish wardrobe once and for all, now’s the time to get started.

16 (non-legging) stylish-but-comfortable outfit ideas you can copy now!


  • Save hundreds of dollars by avoiding these top 3 common style mistakes.
  • Get style tips sent straight to your inbox every Tuesday!
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