Welcome back!

Now that you’ve experienced how easy and painless shopping can be you want more. (And, hello, I don’t blame you!)

Whether it’s a new season or you’re experiencing a different phase of life and you need an updated collection or want to continue your style journey, you’re in the right place.

Here are three ways to continue your stylish journey:

Capsule Shopping for a New Season

Similar to your first fitting, you’ll discover 15-20 mix and match outfits during this session (or less depending on your needs) during this convenient two hour session. 

If we’ve worked together recently, I have photos of your collection so we’ll keep building on that previous collection. 

Because versatility is a staple of my collections, you can rest assured we will absolutely bring your previous collection into this one as well. (Aka you can also mix-and-match with your previous collection!) 

Perfect if you’ve already taken care of one season and want another painless shopping experience!

Plus, more (virtual) outfits coming your way! 


The Enhancers (and outfitting) in home

During this in 2 hour in-home experience, you will shop from a curated collection of 10-15 pieces.  

  • Pieces that compliment and enhance your previous collection


  • Outfitting. We’ll spend close to an hour outfitting (and taking photos) of stylish head-to-toe outfits using what you already own and the pieces I’ve brought 

Outfitting (in-home)

For 90 minutes, we’ll use what you already own and get creative putting head-to-toe looks.  

I’ll give you on-the-spot styling tricks and tips and we’ll also photograph head-to-toe outfits so you can reference the outfits when you’re in a style pinch. 

(It can get a bit messy but I try my best to organize as we go).  


Please note: there may be a travel charge if you live 10+ miles outside the city center.

16 (non-legging) stylish-but-comfortable outfit ideas you can copy now!


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