Revealed: Sexier You: styles for your silhouette, starts now!


The best gift of all this holiday season?  To have the Sexier You: styles for your silhouette e-guides COMPLETE.

I wanted to give my loyal readers the first chance to get a head start before the official sales release.  If you’re interested in buying the guide ($35-) you’ll be able to do so by 12/25/12. However, you need to do some homework before I am able to tell you which body type you are, that’s where the head start comes in.  Once you purchase, you will need to give me your measurements so I can send you the appropriate body guide!

If you take care of your measurements before the release date- voila, it will be as easy as purchasing and voila- you’ll have this handy tool to use for shopping and cleaning out your closet for 2013.

Learn from the resources I personally use to help my clients dress their very best- including your must have piece for your silhouette. 

In Sexier You: styles for your silhouette e-guide you will learn: 

 1) Styles that provide oomph to your assets

2) Styles that distract from your assets

3) Creating balance with your body (mimic the hourglass shape- the most balanced of them all)!

4) Your sexiest, fool proof, date wardrobe piece

5) The simple 6 “rules” every woman wants to know

If you think you’ll be wanting a guide, plan ahead so when the guide is released you can purchase & immediately receive!  You’ll need the measurements listed below.  (Use a soft cloth tape measurer and grab a friend or stop by your local dry cleaners)!


Wardrobe confident: styles for your silhouette. Package sneak peek!

For the past 6 months I have been working diligently to perfect body type guides and color guides so YOU can confidently be wearing styles & colors that are customized for your body type and skin tone.  Get to know which styles and colors work best for you before the holiday madness begins!

Here’s a very tiny sneak peek from one of the body type guides..

While each of our bodies are uniquely and beautifully different, there are four main body types that women have:

  •  hourglass              (balanced shoulder/hip and defined waist)
  • rectangle                (shoulders & hips around same measurement- undefined waistline)
  • inverted triangle  (broad shoulders & narrow hips)
  • triangle                   (narrow shoulders & shapely hips)

Each of these figures have very unique wardrobe styles that will enhance your ULTIMATE YOU.  These wardrobe styles provide balance and mimic the hourglass figure- the most balanced of them all!  Ever wondered why you can’t wear skinny jeans but your best friend can (tough example- skinny jeans are really for 12 year old kids.) But you get the picture?  Certain styles are just better for different bodies.  It’s why celebrities wardrobe is often spot on; their clothes are PERFECTLY tailored to THEIR BODY.

Because these are highly customize guides-I am only taking 10 spots for November.  Want to hear more and be one of the lucky 10? 

Contact me to hear more about this package.  Not for you?   Give the most unique and helpful gift for the holidays!

The color guides (customized for your hair, eye and skin tone) offer you:

  • 6 CORE colors: your 6 investment colors, think: suits, coats, cashmere, etc.
  • 30 must haves for your skin tone
  • 12 additional cool or warm