4 beauty products that last during 14 hour days, 90 degree heat

Last week we headed up to nothern Michigan for a commercial….

Beautiful scenery, nice to see the trees and grass. And- very happy to be back in Chicago!

If I weren’t a wardrobe stylist I would love to be a makeup artist or beauty blogger. I LOVE trying new products ( ironically I don’t love wearing a lot of makeup.) During weeks of a commercial, we have long days so I use very few products to get ready.  These four below totally SAVED face and lasted 10+ hours, during 90 degree heat, 7 different locations per day, steaming wardrobe, hopping in and out of cars etc.

I used these 4 products below  (plus two others; including Mario Badescu oil free SPF and Maybelline tinted moisturizer.)

While I am not a big makeup wearer- I know some of you women are wearing none with your glorious skin, AND, it can make a huge difference.  Blush can totally be a game changer and a great lip color, please, try it!

  •  NARS blush has been a long time favorite of mine. (Exhibit A is the color)  It looks crazy I know but I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this color and how it goes on lightly and literally, consistently lasts forever. Try it at a NARS counter before you buy- I swear by it for all skin tones.
  • Urban Decay “all nighter” long lasting makeup spray.  Makeup artist Jen Brown, used this on me for the day of my photo shoot.  I am someone who wonders if this is all in my head (some of these products, like a setting spray) but I cannot tell you- how in love, with this product I am.
  • Hollywood  Fashion Tape– you know I love it.  I have always loved it AND this is seriously tried and tested in ultimate conditions. I literally put it on my tank because it was too low- 8:30 AM and had to pull off the tape at 1:30 AM. Through 90 degree plus heat and running around. Amazing. Really.
  • Maybelline Age Rewind erase dark circles.  My dark circles have been bad and this product is great for my dry under eye area while concealing the darkness (don’t tell someone they look tired- frankly, we know and it’s rude!)


I love long lasting products!  What are your favorites?




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