5 (color & fabric tricks) to your slimmest & sexiest self

Below are 5 color & fabric tips you’ll want to know to dress your slimmest & sexiest self:

5 tricks to slimmest self (fabric and color)

1.  Darker colors minimize  

2.  Lighter fabrics or shiny fabrics highlight

3.  When trying to de-emphasize a body party:  a crisp fabric with structure is best (think wool or a woven cotton)

     * L.K. Bennett has fabulous dresses in store right now in wool blends. 

4.  Jersey fabrics are best for areas you want to flaunt

* Trina Turk 

* L.K. Bennett also has great jersey dresses on sale from summer

5. Do not go TOO baggy– it adds so much extra weight! Really, ladies if you are wearing oversized clothing, I understand it may be comfortable, but you’re just not doing yourself justice.  You have worked TOO hard to look anything but fabulous and feel your best.   You really do DESERVE to LOVE how you look. It feels good- I promise.  

ACTION: look in your wardrobe, are fabrics helping or hurting you?  Is your favorite dress appropriate in all the right areas?


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