5 Signs You’re Ready for a Wardrobe Refresh

“I have nothing to wear..”

As you stroll Target and are grabbing groceries for the kids, you thoughtlessly throw in a blouse or two, maybe a dress and think, “this will work.”

You get home and ugh, it doesn’t work and you know you’re wasting time and money buying random pieces of wardrobe.

So you think, “Maybe I’ll look online ..”

Then, you get sucked down the rabbit hole for three hours and you’re back to square one. (Staring at a closet of clothing that no longer fits or represents you).

Scrolling online wasting time?

 5 Signs You’re Ready for a Wardrobe Refresh

  1. You’re done having kids and your pre-child wardrobe is no longer reflective of you nor your current lifestyle/role at work.
  2. Your visibility has increased. Whether meeting more clients, giving presentations or you’ve reached a higher position, it’s time to uplevel your look.
  3. You’re applying for internships and you’re in need of a collection of professional wardrobe that mixes and matches (and looks the part!)
  4. You’ve experienced a weight change and your clothes are no longer fitting well. 
  5. Your kids are all adults, it’s time to take care of YOU. 

Do you have the wardrobe of your dreams that makes life easy but know someone who’s experiencing the above and could use the help of a stylist?  Pass along the style love. 

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