Dating & Photo arsenal 101

Ladies and gents!

As you know I work both in the print (ads) and commercials (tv.)

Just for a basic 101 for photos and the LOVE life (because if you do not know by now- I love, LOVE.)  I put together these sets so you could get a clear picture of what is GREAT around photos for your dating game! Especially if you are on one of the many dating sites now or need an updated profile picture

Ladies: bright colors photograph really well. And- they bring out our natural femininity! Don’t you feel sexier too when wearing brighter?

Men: have a great dark denim (Levi’s 501), great black shoe, sport coat and dress shirt, voila! Really, it will increase your dating results. And- choose your colors that best flatter YOU.  Black typically is not best, go for the navy or a great deep green or olive.



Dating arsenal 101; women
Dating Arsenal 101; men
before you know it; you’ll be part of this couple portrait stamps
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