How to dress comfortably but still look put together

When it comes to getting dressed and looking put together, it’s all about that third piece, even when it comes to you dressing comfortably. A third piece is that pull-it-all-together layer that really completes an outfit.  This is especially true if you want to be comfortable and if you work from home.

Or if you’re going from desk to meet-a-client (in person or via video)

A few examples of third piece you probably own:
-a cardigan
-a shawl vest
-a swazer (sweater blazer. It’s as comfortable as a sweater but looks professional like a blazer)

I’ve done a roundup here of some fabulous pieces to stay chic while comfortable. 

My beautiful client Julie was wearing this pant and I absolutely asked where it was from, she surprised me with Altheta!  In fact, this happened again so I knew I had to share. 

So if you’re wearing this highly recommended jogger with an easy-to-wear tank, throw on a comfortable layer like one of these: 

Looking for the perfect non wrinkle white shirt to go with your joggers? I highly recommend Lysse’s shirts, which you’ll see in the roundup. While they’re not made out of natural fabric, I especially love these for travel days or meeting client days due to their impossible-to-wrinkle nature. 

Not a white shirt gal? I love Squasht, local Chicago designers. They’re fabrics are divine and they’ve got incredibly unique pieces.

Add some color by adding a silk scarf or fab jewelry from Ruminations Studio. Remember, you can always add a scarf over a necklace assuming you may take the scarf off at some point. 

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