Ah, the joys of belly fat! (Not.)4 Easy Wardrobe Tips to Hide Belly Fat, Hanna Lee Style,http://hannaleestyle.wpengine.com/foureasywardrobetipstohidebellyfat/

Pregnancy and after has so many stages of dressing, mostly, I actually really enjoyed it. It forced me to be creative!

But four weeks after baby I’m in that very odd in-between stage.  (Similar to the 3 month pregnancy stage. Is she pregnant? Or fat?)  Whether you’re in the odd stage after pregnancy or simply have belly fat you want to hide, these four wardrobe cuts and shapes will help you hide that belly fat, look chic and fake your way to a flat stomach!

Four easy wardrobe tips to  hide belly fat


Button down blouse: this sleeveless denim has been a constant in my wardrobe right now. I am loving its versatility!  It can be worn for date night with a black pencil skirt, shorts for an easy summer look or a black ankle pant and blazer with a bold necklace. {Store: Evereve} Brand: Cloth & Stone.
4 Easy Wardrobe Tips To Hide Belly Fat, Hanna Lee Style,http://hannaleestyle.wpengine.com/foureasywardrobetipstohidebellyfat/


Peplum. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. The peplum is the perfect top to hide belly fat.  Some rises are different on peplums (in fact this is a wee short) so keep that in mind when trying this shape. {Store: Anthropologie} Brand:  unknown 




Shift dress with a 3/4 (bell) sleeve makes for the very perfect hide-belly-fat camouflage.  I love this dress so much I ordered it in a second color!  Shift dresses hide your belly because they hang loose from your shoulders and have no defined waist. {Store: Evereve} Brand: Billabong 4 Easy Wardrobe Tips to Hide Belly Fat, Hanna lee Style, http://hannaleestyle.wpengine.com/foureasywardrobetipstohidebellyfat/









The drape.  I own both of these and they’re both fabulous. I couldn’t get pictures because this mama was breastfeeding in between photo shots and bottom-line?  Henry was not having it. He’d been patient enough.  These are also both BF friendly and  hide your belly, so in my book, they’re working overtime. {Store: Evereve} Brand: Allison JoyScreen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.31.52 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.32.01 AM









Belly fat happens!  If you’re like me and you love sweets and hate the gym, use these tips to stylishly hide that belly fat,