How to: rock your wardrobe in photos

Rock your photo wardrobe!

What you need:

  • Choose 5  final outfit options ( 3  casual dress, 1 dressy, 1 work/conservative) 
  • Do whatever you need to do to find or source well fitting wardrobe. (If it’s fussy to begin with it will not transl:ate well day of photos and it will be a pain)
  • Spanx or nude undergarments are HUGE, invest in good ones.
  • Universal neutral jacket, loose vest; it will add versatility & texture (core neutral like a navy, cream, tan etc, denim.)
  • Nude pump– I promise it’s all you need.  A nude/neutral pump will be your new best friend.
  • Bring simple jewelry that will not take away from YOU
  • Belts, I love them and it can change an entire look. Be sure to choose the right one for you, typically stick to skinnier belt
  • avoid “shiny fabrics”; if it is “shiny” on the hanger it will not look good on camera! 

Prior to shoot:

  • Shop 1-2 weeks prior; borrow from friends, whatever you need to do to have it FIT.  Some local boutiques let you borrow wardrobe too if you can give them a big enough shoutout.
  • Sketch, photo or write exact outfits so you have nothing to worry about or that you are missing goods, i.e purple shirt, gold necklace, dark denim, pump.
COLOR COLOR COLOR, I cannot tell you enough how important choosing the right colors for your photos are.


Find out which colors are best for you:

  • Receive a color analysis (e-mail me!)
  • Ask those closest to you (what colors really make me look great and pop?)
  • Go through your old photos and see where you stand out, what are you wearing?


And, ladies & gents, bring your smiles, leave your worries at the door and enjoy a day dedicated to YOU.  

I have been avoiding getting my pictures taken for awhile because, well, I dislike to be photographed. Being behind the lens is more fun for me but this time I had the right team and experts helping me along the way and it rocked.  Thanks to photographer AJ Kane for coaching me and posing me, I am delighted with the end results!

AJ Kane photography

Jen Brown makeup

Timea Katona cut & color (Red 7 Salon)

Katherine Kousakis on set hair & touch ups.



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