My pain of wedding dress shopping!

I recently had an “AHA” moment about how my clients feel around shopping and wardrobe.  I’ve always loved shopping. Hours pass and I don’t even know it.  Then: it happened. Shopping for my wedding dress.

Walking in I felt so nervous. My heart beating a bit faster. Would they have what I want? What I can afford? What if I fall in love with the only dress that’s out of my budget?

#1: Fear of disappointment

There are a few to choose from; breathe, I am okay. However, wedding dresses are sized 8-12’s so they can be taken in. So you’re saying I am to IMAGINE that this dress will fit me perfectly (that boning in the breast won’t permanently look like a hard nipple in all my photos?) and there are no returns? No thanks.

#2: Size despair.

On top of the experience being “okay” the sales associate wasn’t even friendly or tell me I looked beautiful. Or ask me what I wanted in a dress.

#3: No help.

Next plan of action. I wanted a simple dress, more in the vein of an evening gown. I’ll hit my likely places. Too early in the season for ivory. Nothing. I’m tired, frustrated and this is totally obnoxious.

#4: Frustrated.

I totally got how my clients FEEL.  How shopping can be overwhelming, disappointing, frustrating, your sizes aren’t available, sales associates aren’t (necessarily) professionals and so on.  And- as a professional wardrobe stylist & shopper I eliminate all these bad feelings.

#1: You won’t be disappointed and your nerves will immediately calm down once you try on that very first perfect piece.  You’ll think “I would have never chosen this and wow, it looks amazing”

#2 Size despair: it won’t happen because I am not showing you pieces that they don’t have in your size.  You are ONLY seeing your sizes.  Love this.

#3 No Help.  I consider myself one of the best communication cheerleaders. I cannot tell you how much I love giving compliments.  My clients feel the love.

#4 You won’t feel frustrated because you’re literally shopping from pieces specifically chosen for you.  It is my JOB to put you in only pieces that fit, flatter & accentuate.


Don’t worry, I found my dress(es) and you’ll see the evolution of 3 dresses after my wedding happens.  It’s pretty cool.

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  1. Antoinette McGinnis
    Antoinette McGinnis says:

    I love your blog and you are right on with transitional pieces. I like the simplicity you have chosen for style guide lines.

    Your honesty and humor makes this a “fun read.”

    Have a beautiful wedding day and remember to enjoy it. If something isn’t like you planned, remember you are the only one that knows. God Bless!


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