Your sexiest dress


flatter your figure: dress

Which are you?
Triangle: beautiful hips and narrow shoulders, you want to minimize your hips.
Hourglass: your shoulders and hips align, you like to define your waist.
Rectangle: beautiful shoulders and hips, you’re looking to define a waist.
Inverted triangle: broader shoulders than hips, you have a hard time balancing your broad shoulders.

Want to know more of your styles for your body?  Check out my Sexier You: Body Guide, it’s full of styles you should wear (and avoid)!

Fool proof casual work to date looks

The denim shirt is a staple every woman should own, it’s such a versatile piece. If you work in a casual environment you can easily wear it with a great skirt, black ankle pant or even a dark denim. If not? Wear any of these outfits for a great date look.

One of my other very favorite staples?  You should have a versatile neutral jacket or vest.  It literally lightens an outfit and adds an extra layer so it is more of an “outfit.”

Add a fun leopard print and statement necklace- voila!

denim versatile

Keep the love on! Dating wardrobe essentials

Dating wardrobe is so important!  You want to know that you look good, you want to FEEL confident, sexy.  You want to know that walking into a room, everyone is looking at you (in the good way).

I work often with Smart Dating Academy, helping professional men and women rock their dating wardrobe, and I once heard Bela (owner) tell one of her clients “You’re still dating your husband when you’re married!”  It’s just different.  I loved that- because really don’t we want to feel confident all the time?  Marriage shouldn’t give us a pass to get lazy with our looks. Keep the love on!  But most importantly, you’ll need these essentials if you’re entering or re-entering the dating game.


Dating wardrobe


1. Undergarments: a t-shirt bra is a great neutral that will blend well. Please- if you have not been fitted, it is so important!

2.Dresses: find your best fit: wrap dresses are universally flattering or a v-neck style.

a. Neutral transition- day to evening (especially if you just need to take a jacket off and it suddenly transforms)!

3. Tops

  • a. Neutral cardigan or jacket
  • b. V-neck in best color suited for you
  • c. Unique top that can pair with denim or skirt
  • d. Tanks (my favorite are James Perse)

4. Bottoms

  • a. Skirt: Neutral transition
  • b. Dark denim- have one really nice go-to pair!

5. Accessories

  • a. Skinny belts (belt at skinniest part of waist; directly underneath ribcage)
  • b. Nude shoe- immediately elongates your legs!
  • c. Black purse
  • d. Red lip instantly transforms your look!

What are your dating wardrobe essentials?

Dating & Photo arsenal 101

Ladies and gents!

As you know I work both in the print (ads) and commercials (tv.)

Just for a basic 101 for photos and the LOVE life (because if you do not know by now- I love, LOVE.)  I put together these sets so you could get a clear picture of what is GREAT around photos for your dating game! Especially if you are on one of the many dating sites now or need an updated profile picture

Ladies: bright colors photograph really well. And- they bring out our natural femininity! Don’t you feel sexier too when wearing brighter?

Men: have a great dark denim (Levi’s 501), great black shoe, sport coat and dress shirt, voila! Really, it will increase your dating results. And- choose your colors that best flatter YOU.  Black typically is not best, go for the navy or a great deep green or olive.



Dating arsenal 101; women
Dating Arsenal 101; men
before you know it; you’ll be part of this couple portrait stamps