The #1 Shoe to Wear to Weddings & Showers

A lot of women are often stumped around shoes. Especially when it comes to special events and what shoes go with what.

The easiest solution when wearing dresses?

Choose a shoe color that’s either metallic (metallics go with everything!) or a shoe color that matches your skin tone to elongate your leg.

#1ShoeWeartoWeddings, Hanna Lee Style,

Notice how my legs are immediately elongated on the left and the overall outfit looks cleaner?

If you’re simply stumped, overall, when it comes to what shoe do I wear? I suggest matching the closet color to the shoe.  If you’re wearing a dark denim pant, wear a black. If you’re wearing a white denim pant, wear a nude.

Remember, this is if you prefer a classic and clean look. You can certainly be wild and whatever shoes you want!  (Hello leopard booties I am looking at you!)

image of shirt dress with denim and tshirt wearing shirt dress as jacket

Mindful Shopping

Just as I work with my clients to mindfully shop (And why I plan so carefully when shopping) I want to remind you: 

I share these shopping links with you in hopes to help you, not to encourage you to buy for the sake of buying.

We’re so bombarded with consumerism and buying all day long- I do not want to be that in your life. As you know (if you’ve been a reader of mine for awhile) I strongly believe in versatility and making life easier (because we do get dressed every day).

While sometimes I want that ridiculously fab red wedge, I know myself well enough to know that I want an absolute (easy) mix-and-match wardrobe; then for myself and most of my clients, I’ll stick to the neutral shoe colors like metallics and nudes.

If you think a versatile nude shoe will enhance your existing style, shop them here.

Notice the nude shoes? I may have an obsession (wink).

#1ShoeWeartoWeddings, Hanna Lee Style,
#1ShoeWeartoWeddings, Hanna Lee Style,, Hanna Lee Style,
#1ShoeWeartoWeddings, Hanna Lee Style,

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