A sample of what a dressing room looks like when you walk in!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with a personal stylist?  Or what the difference is between a personal shopper and a personal stylist?

Here’s the main difference: in-store personal shoppers only use their inventory in store.  As a stylist, I shop and pre-purchase from five to six different stores and I bring it all to ONE store and fitting room.

You read that correctly-I BRING IT ALL IN!

This is a common question people ask “Stores let you do that?”  The short answer is “yes.”  And, remember, I’ve been doing this for over ten years so most sales people know me and we have a great relationship.  Ultimately, it’s a win for them..they don’t have to do too much work but reap the rewards (wink).

Another question often asked is, “Where do you shop?”  Truthfully I have my favorites, especially small boutiques and independent designers but ultimately it depends on the client’s needs, lifestyle, wardrobe style, budget and existing wardrobe!

Want to walk into an organized dressing room and leave with a capsule collection of 20 mix and match outfits?

Contact me right now to get started (if you’re in the city, ask me about my 20 minute free home consultation!)