How to wear leggings over 50 (And any age for that matter!)

There’s a myth and belief that women over a certain age shouldn’t wear leather leggings (or leggings at all!) and I am here to tell you that is not true! Here’s the key NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE!

Drum roll..

They key to wearing leggings at any age: cover your butt!  If you’re also wondering, can leggings be worn to work? The answer is yes, especially if you treat them as a pair of tights. I.E. again, cover your butt. You wouldn’t wear a pair of tights with a blouse and walk out the door, right?

Here are a few ways to wear your favorite leggings this fall so you can feel confident!  

1. Get more use out of your favorite crop sweater by adding a tunic shirt underneath. I’ve opted for a sleeveless version here but you could certainly add a sleeve.

2. Wear your favorite shawl vest as a sleeveless wrap dress (this especially works for those of us that are short) and add sleeves underneath.

Most importantly, your butt should be covered so you don’t look like you’re wearing workout pants with a non-workout top. Which is simply odd as an outfit (wink).

I love a faux leather legging to add a little bit of pizzaz (and especially great for the holidays).

Legging Outfit Ideas, Holiday Outfit Ideas, Hanna Lee Style,
Legging Outfit Ideas, Holiday Outfit Ideas, Hanna Lee Style,

I’ve included a favorite of mine in this roundup here so you can see tried-and-true favorites. I wore the Zella ones before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after. Talk about lasting quality! And at such a low price point, you can’t go wrong. They have their name for a reason.

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