The secret to having more outfits (from your own wardrobe)

Last week I shared about the wardrobe inventory and how nice it is to see everything virtually.

Outfit coordination and look books have become more popular because people really have so much in their wardrobe and they don’t wear it often or enough so here are some tricks to change your outfits.

So many people have turned to “shopping” from their own closet.  It’s a fun service to do because for me- all the clothes are so fresh and outfit options are endless.

6 simple ways to change your outfits: 

1. Belt it- I LOVE belting anything I can.  Skinnier belts are typically the best universal belt.

2. Dye it- I love using RIT dye and I am going to do a before/after what a little RIT dye can do. (Coming soon on Facebook- check it out!)  But- be sure you don’t mind that color changing forever, you cannot go back!  And RIT dye does not work on 100% polyester, acrylic, acetate or special finishes.

3. Makeup– a bold red lip or fun cat eye can change the game. You will look instantly different.

4. Wear your sequins to work- yes you can!  If you don’t have a sequin top lingering in your wardrobe, you should! It’s one of my favorite work to glam pieces.  Always in trend.   Wear your sequin top under suit just enough so it pops, add a sweater if you want more layers.

5.  Neutral-  a neutral sweater or long draped vest (like the one below) can instantly add a fresh layer to an outfit and make it “just different enough…”

6. Change your buttons!  You would not believe how changing buttons can instantly add glam to a piece (and it’s a super affordable change.)

Take action!  Have you done any of the above and it makes a difference? Share with us!    


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  1. Excellent post. I am not a big shopper and a very picky one at that – I prefer quality over quantity – so I love tips on how to mix it up. Can’t wait for your RIT dye post – I really need to learn how to dye my clothes properly.

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