1976 to 2013: GRANDMA’S DRESS

If you didn’t know, my love of wardrobe, classic and chic came from my grandma. She was always fabulously dressed and carried herself with such confidence. She had “it.”  Some people do and some people can create it but she was a natural.  I loved how wardrobe could completely transform how you felt.  How it could change how you present yourself to the world.

It still amazes me today that I am able to wear her pieces that she had for over 40 years and their still fashionable. Or, like below, I am able to use for beautiful photographs. See her in the left. It’s the same purple dress. Pretty extraordinary, huh?  FROM 1976 to now.  37 years later. 

I only wish I would know each story with the pieces I have.

This proves, yet again, why I like to work with and purchase classic pieces and invest in staples.  To me, it’s magical.


grandma, center

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.28.45 PM

Photographer: Gintas Zaranka: Hair & Makeup: Lillian Sakamaki, Wardrobe Styling: Hanna Lee Style


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