Three Steps to a Pinterest-Worthy Closet

Do you see those beautifully organized closets on Pinterest and swoon?  Yeah, me too.

I know we all don’t have the Kardashian’s closets (the size of a full room!)  Here are three steps you can do right now to make getting dressed easier and have a Pinterest-worthy closet.

Three Steps to a Pinterest Worthy Closet, Hanna Lee Style,

Three steps to an organized closet 

1. Use identical hangers– this alone is a closet game-changer. I love the Huggable Hangers here because they’re slim and pretty.  I also love Costco’s for their knock-off version (however, I will tell you- they’re definitely not as well made as the Huggables.) But you can’t beat Costco’s $9.99 for 50 hangers.

2. Sort clothes by color.  Just as most boutiques do this, it’s a beautiful visual representation of what you have.  Sort light, left, to right, dark.

3. Organize like with like within the same color.  I begin with sleeveless and then move forward with it’s length of sleeve.

Sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve.

I also have a separate hanging area for my dresses and pants.  Similarly, I sort by sleeve length (dresses) and color (pants).

Still debating whether to toss, keep or donate?  Head here.