Tried-and-True Favorite Brands for Sizes 14-20

As holidays approach and you’re out shopping, here are a few of my favorite size-inclusive brands that I’ve loved for my clients!

The plus size (by the way, I hate this term, it’s ridiculous)  market is extremely frustrating and limited (and I am saying this as a stylist!)

So if you’re between a 14-20, I am sorry the fashion industry is behind the times.

However, in an effort to always serve my clients and hopefully YOU, I’ve put together a list of my favorites that I know are tried- and-true (they’ve worked really well for my clients). 

Favorite Size 14-20 brands that have worked well for my clients:
       Bryn Walker
       Calvin Tran (Some not all)
       Eileen Fisher
       Marina Rinaldi
       Rickie Freeman for Teri John

If you have any favorites that I’m missing, please leave a comment!


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