The Outfit Uniform!

If I say: Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, what’s the first thing to come to mind?  Think visually here.

Hoodie sweatshirt and turtlenecks.

Yup, a good old fashioned outfit uniform!  While I’m not a fan of wearing a hoodie for a uniform, I am a fan of the concept and you can see here throughout these photos.

How can you create a “uniform” to make your life easier?

Here are three uniforms you can steal:
1. Blazer + scarf + skinny pant or wide leg and a boot
2. Vest + shirt + scarf + shoe
3. (Maybe you have great them off!)  Sweater-blazer + skirt + tights +boot

For many of my fabulous clients we often find a uniform that works and is easy for them.  It allows creativity to utilize what you own and you can look put together quickly, so if you’ve found yourself more or less wearing a uniform, dive in and embrace it! It works and allows for dressing ease!

As you can see, a vest outfit is more or less a uniform of mine.  It allows me to look put together without being overheated.

3 Ways to Wear Fur Vest, Hanna Lee Style,

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