How to Wear Denim at Work, Hanna Lee Style,

As more work environments become increasingly casual, I’ve been helping many clients navigate the world of denim and how to wear it (appropriately) to work.

I always suggest a dark, clean denim.  However, you know your work environment better than I and maybe light denim is acceptable when outfitted professionally.  When in doubt- wear a dark wash.

In an effort to help you with outfit ideas, I’ve created this free guide.  Click here to download the guide (no email or left arm’s one simple click!)

Don’t trust my outfitting skills? (come on! I’ve been doing this for a decade) but I like sneak peeks too so scroll on down if you want to see a sneak peek of some of the outfits.

Simply enjoy!


Here are a few outfit sneak peeks!

The Secret to Denim That Fits, Hanna Lee Style,
The Secret to Denim That Fits, Hanna Lee Style,

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