What does a personal stylist do?

Personal styling seems like an odd job, am I right?  To this day I pinch myself that I have been Chicago personal stylist services and personal shopping for over 10 years.

As a personal stylist and Chicago personal shopper I provide capsule collections for clients that result in 20 mix and match outfits.

Simply put? I help make your wardrobe life easier than ever so you can practically get dressed in the dark! I provide a wardrobe collection that mixes and matches easily.

Alternatively, I teach inside of Stylist in Your Back Pocket all things style. I help women discover their style and look put together easily (without wasting so much time and energy.)

What to expect working with me

  • Transparency and honesty
  • Luxury at a fraction of the cost (Secondhand shopping when possible!)
  • Inclusivity of all shapes, sizes and genders
  • Ease! I promise to make this process as easy as possible
  • I would’ve never thought of that!” outfit guarantees


“The fitting session itself was easy (from finding the fitting room, to trying on, to the final payment) and fun (something new for me when clothes shopping)! Her choices were amazing..” Martine g

“For people like me who don’t have a ton of time to shop, having Hanna do the shopping and work with you at the fitting is a huge lifesaver!

It’s wonderful to walk away knowing you’ll have a closet full of options.”

Beth W.

Personal stylist services are for you if your time starved and want to walk into ONE fitting room with merchandise from multiple stores. All the shopping has been taken care of and you want to show up and simply try things on- it’s that easy. Keep ONLY what you love.  I return the rest!

Can’t make it to Chicago? I also offer pre-made wardrobe capsule boxes. You can literally shop from the comfort of your home from a box of mix and match outfits!

Here’s what it looks like at a glance: 

Project Part One: Style file and video call to meet

Project Part Two: Shopping sneak peek to make sure on right track

Project Part Three: Hanna Shops / Curates

Project Part Four: The fitting: two hours

Project Part Five: Hanna photographs collection

Project Part Six: Hanna handles returns

Project Part Seven: Client receives final wardrobe invoice

Final result: receive an app with 20 head-to-toe outfit ideas from the collection you’ve kept! 

1. How far out are you booking?

3-6 weeks. Weekends are much busier than weekdays so if you’re available during the week, I can usually schedule to see you within 3 weeks for a fitting. 

2. How will you know my style and what I want?

After a decade and working with hundreds of clients, I can tell a lot about your style from the way you speak, your style questionnaire before our home consultation, current brands/stores you wear and love, your home and of course, your closet.

Lastly, you’ll see a visual sneak peek to make sure I’m on the right path.

3. I want to buy this as a gift, what do I do?

We’ll chat on the phone to see the best fit for the recipient but I don’t recommend this as a gift unless your recipient has specifically asked to work with a stylist. 

4. I’m nervous. What should I do to prep for our consultation?

Sit back and relax. I swear this is painless and fun!

I’m not throwing any clothing at you-I am here to take care of you, be your cheerleader, help enhance your existing wardrobe, create new outfits so you have wardrobe you love.

See my Yelp reviews for evidence (wink). I have over 45+ five star reviews (and yes some are hidden because..well, yelp does that. Annoying but true!) 

5.How much do I need to spend on new wardrobe?

Budgets vary but I recommend a minimum budget of $2,000.00 if you plan on purchasing a 20 outfit collection that mixes and matches. Clients spend, on average $4500-5,500.00 on their capsule collections.

6.How many outfits will I receive from the Capsule Collection?

Expect to walk away with 20 head-to-toe mix and match outfits.

7. What if I don’t like any of the wardrobe?

It happens! Not often of course but it has happened.  If we’re missing one or two things, I’ll email you links to purchase but if you’re not wowed and happy with the collection, we’ll chat alternative options or a partial refund.  


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