Why I cut the sleeves off a Chanel blazer

I had my grandmas Chanel blazer turned into a vest. I knew I’d wear it ten times more if it were a vest. If you’ve been following me, you know I looove vests.

Why? Because they’rebeyond versatile. And easy.  You can literally add it in seconds and it changes your look!

Whether you add it to a pair of jeans, graphic tee and necklace or an outfit like below (topit with a scarf) each look will be different with this fabulous layer.

We make a lot of decisions in our day-to-day lives and getting dressed doesn’t have to be one more (stressful) decision.  

 I’m all about ease and looking put-together quickly so I focus on these kind of pieces for both myself and clients when I shop for capsule wardrobe collections.

Got it From my Grandma, Hanna Lee Style, www.hannaleestyle.com/fromgrandmaGot it From my Grandma, Hanna Lee Style, www.hannaleestyle.com/fromgrandma

Here’s another example of sleeves I had taken off.  (Sorry I don’t have the original photo of the blazer!)

#1ShoeWeartoWeddings, Hanna Lee Style, www.hannaleestyle.com/neutralshoe#1ShoeWeartoWeddings, Hanna Lee Style, www.hannaleestyle.com/neutralshoe

If you like the idea of re-imagining your wardrobe, discovering your style and learning how to put together stylish outfits, check out Stylist in Your Back Pocket.



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